A Day In Ohio

My boyfriend, Connor, and I went to Ohio last Thursday for less than 24 hours. We left after our classes Thursday (we are lucky and don’t have Friday classes) and headed for Akron, Ohio. This was where our Airbnb was and close to our main destination. After a long, rainy drive and a couple mini DQ Blizzards, Connor and I arrived in Akron. We stopped by our Airbnb to check it out. It was really nice and really clean, so I was happy. Then we searched Yelp for a good place to eat that had something we would both like. We decided on a place called Crave. It was actually really good and not too expensive, even though it looked relatively fancy.  I got a vegan chorizo and sweet potato burger, which I really enjoyed because of the ciabatta bun. Then for dessert, we shared a half order of the snickerdoodle cookie dough stuffed french toast that the waiter recommended. It was AMAZING. I didn’t think I would like it, but I am still thinking about it 4 days later.

The next day, we woke up early to go to Krispy Kreme before our hike. Turns out, the Kripsy Kreme was closed for repairs. I was sad, but it was probably for the best because I doubt donuts make for the best hike fuel. We opted for granola bars and drove to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which was our main destination. We determined which trails and sites we wanted to see, which we narrowed down to the Ledges, Brandywine Falls, Tinker Gorge Scenic Overlook, and Bridal Veil Falls.

We first went to Brandywine Falls. It was pretty, but I imagine it would have been so nice if the sky was blue and the water wasn’t going crazy from all the rain. It was really easy to get to and we didn’t even have to take a trail.

Then we went looking for the Ledges, which all ended up being a part of the Ledges Trail. The Ledges were by far my favorite part. It was warm in the woods and the ledges were bright with moss and easy to climb around. The trials to see all of the Ledges were super easy and clear, so it was a fun, more relaxing hike.

Finally, we drove toward Tinker Gorge and Bridal Veil Falls because they were pretty far from our other destinations. Honestly, they were not that cool, and we kind of just saw what we came to see and left. I would definitely recommend Brandywine Falls and Ledges Trail over these sites.

After our adventure in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, we made our way to Cleveland for lunch because it was only 20 minutes away. I also saw online that there was a ramen place and I LOVE RAMEN! We made the short drive, grabbed a spot in a parking garage, and ended up at Otani Noodle. I got the vegetarian ramen and Connor got pork ramen. The prices were very reasonable and the ramen bowls were full of goodness. Everything I could have wanted was in the ramen and it was really satisfying after a cold, morning hike.

After lunch, we needed a little dessert, so we went to Mitchell’s Ice Cream, which someone recommended to us. I kept it simple with a peanut butter chocolate scoop and it was actually really yummy. I usually feel like peanut butter chocolate ice cream all tastes the same, but I actually noticed differences.

After ice cream it was time to head back to Bloomington. It was a really fun trip and worth the short drive to go somewhere new and get outside! The ramen was just an additional perk. I definitely recommend going if you are nearby, but I would say go during the summer when everything is blooming and bright.

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