College Series: Junior Year

Junior year is tough, but fun year. Generally, I would say by now you are pretty comfortable at school and know what to expect. For me, junior year had one of my hardest semesters and one of my easiest semesters. I got to do a lot of fun things, but also spent a lot of time applying for internships and interviewing.

There are a few things that impacted my junior year, and these may relate to your experience or junior year in general.

1. Classes

2. Internships

3. Turning 21

Classes obviously impacted my year because the point of college is going to school. The first semester was pretty hard because of the classes I was taking. I was only in 4 classes, but they are considered a huge part of your experience in the business school. I took management, marketing, operations management, and finance. These were the last classes that I had to take before beginning my major. I struggled quite a bit with finance and operations. I couldn’t grasp those subjects as well as other, and I really didn’t enjoy those classes. Management was easy and marketing was interesting to me. What was nice was the actual schedule. I was only in class for 2.5 hours Monday through Thursday. Even though some of the classes were hard, I did survive the semester. My second semester was much better. I started my entrepreneurship major and took a few other required classes. I enjoyed most of the classes and actually got to learn about something I found interesting.

The internship search is pretty common junior year, depending on your major. It was a long process and really tested my motivation and my positivity. I had my very first “professional” interview, then many other interviews. I spent time editing my resume and applying to so many jobs. During this process, you get many rejections, but also many interviews. It can be hard when you get a rejection letter or make it to a second round just to find out someone else got the job. It was easy to feel bad about it, but my best advice is to stay positive and have an open mind during the internship search. I ultimately ended up getting an internship and got to experience the corporate world, which was a good experience.

I turned 21 junior year, and I know many people do! This isn’t the biggest milestone in the world, but the point I want to make is that it affects your social life. All of a sudden you are able to go out with friends whenever you want, any night of the week. It is super fun, but it is important to note that it needs to be balanced with school. I think that is something many people struggle doing. It isn’t fun to have to stay in and study, but in the long run, it is the better option. I do know people who can do it all, but it is important to make sure that balance is there!

Junior Year Advice

  1. Work on time management- find a schedule that works for you and allows you to be productive and efficient. Everyone manages their time differently, but with more school work, more social opportunities, the internship search, jobs, relaxing, etc., it is good to have a system that works for you.
  2. Get your resume ready- If you don’t have a resume yet, make one! There are templates you can follow online, you can ask a friend for help, or your career services office at your school can help!
  3. Apply to many types of internships- Apply to internships that you find interesting or related to your career goals. At first I only applied to things that perfectly matched my major or goal roles, and that doesn’t always work. Eventually, I realized that I should apply to a greater range of internships, so that I could have the opportunity to learn something new.
  4. Have fun- I think this will always be my advice for every year and have the same reasoning. The school aspect of college is very important, but relaxing or hanging out with friends is important too. It is ok to take breaks from school or work to go out to eat, go to the bars, see a movie, etc. Also, at some point during junior year you realize you are close to your very last year of college, so make the most of it!

Go For It & Try New Things

Today my boyfriend gave me a really nice compliment. He said that he likes how I sign up for things, apply for things, and just try out anything I find interesting. I thought that was really nice because it is something I try to do. Anything I find remotely interesting or beneficial to my happiness, career path, or personal growth I try to go after.

For example, this year I decided I wanted to blog for my school and share some tips, advice, stories about my experience at IU or Bloomington in general. Normally I don’t love people reviewing or editing my work because I honestly don’t take criticism great, but I wanted to grow, improve my writing, and share my viewpoints. I am happy I signed up ultimately because no one wants to make fun of my writing, they just want to see me share my thoughts and become a better writer.

I also applied to do the most annoying form of marketing ever, in my opinion, stand around campus and pass out flyers. I did this at first for the little extra cash in my pocket (it didn’t end up being much lol), but ultimately I got to run Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter accounts for a company with way more followers than I have. It was an opportunity I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t apply to market on campus and be involved with the company. It was really fun to share my photos and just interact with customers in a way I wouldn’t normally get to.

What I want you to get out of this post is that you need to get out of your comfort zone and try those things you are tempted to do, but never do. It is a great learning experience, an opportunity to grow, and generally fun to try new things. So next time you want to join a club, run a marathon, etc. do it, and encourage your friends take on experiences too!


My Life List

I mentioned that I would be sharing this post on my Instagram, but I know many of you only follow me on my blog! I decided I would share some items on my Life List. I like Life List better than Bucket List because it seems a lot more positive. This is only a small sample of some of the things on my list! I add new things all the time, so its always growing!

1. Move to Chicago (SOON!!)

2. Travel! Especially to Africa, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Bora Bora, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Denmark!!

3. Get a puppy

4. Buy a new bike

5. Run a marathon

6. Write a book

7. Live in another country

8. Start my own company

9. Go on some sort of volunteer trip

10. Have an amazing bar cart

11. Travel to all the states in the U.S.

What is something on your life list? Talk you all in my next post 🙂


A Day In Ohio

My boyfriend, Connor, and I went to Ohio last Thursday for less than 24 hours. We left after our classes Thursday (we are lucky and don’t have Friday classes) and headed for Akron, Ohio. This was where our Airbnb was and close to our main destination. After a long, rainy drive and a couple mini DQ Blizzards, Connor and I arrived in Akron. We stopped by our Airbnb to check it out. It was really nice and really clean, so I was happy. Then we searched Yelp for a good place to eat that had something we would both like. We decided on a place called Crave. It was actually really good and not too expensive, even though it looked relatively fancy.  I got a vegan chorizo and sweet potato burger, which I really enjoyed because of the ciabatta bun. Then for dessert, we shared a half order of the snickerdoodle cookie dough stuffed french toast that the waiter recommended. It was AMAZING. I didn’t think I would like it, but I am still thinking about it 4 days later.

The next day, we woke up early to go to Krispy Kreme before our hike. Turns out, the Kripsy Kreme was closed for repairs. I was sad, but it was probably for the best because I doubt donuts make for the best hike fuel. We opted for granola bars and drove to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which was our main destination. We determined which trails and sites we wanted to see, which we narrowed down to the Ledges, Brandywine Falls, Tinker Gorge Scenic Overlook, and Bridal Veil Falls.

We first went to Brandywine Falls. It was pretty, but I imagine it would have been so nice if the sky was blue and the water wasn’t going crazy from all the rain. It was really easy to get to and we didn’t even have to take a trail.

Then we went looking for the Ledges, which all ended up being a part of the Ledges Trail. The Ledges were by far my favorite part. It was warm in the woods and the ledges were bright with moss and easy to climb around. The trials to see all of the Ledges were super easy and clear, so it was a fun, more relaxing hike.

Finally, we drove toward Tinker Gorge and Bridal Veil Falls because they were pretty far from our other destinations. Honestly, they were not that cool, and we kind of just saw what we came to see and left. I would definitely recommend Brandywine Falls and Ledges Trail over these sites.

After our adventure in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, we made our way to Cleveland for lunch because it was only 20 minutes away. I also saw online that there was a ramen place and I LOVE RAMEN! We made the short drive, grabbed a spot in a parking garage, and ended up at Otani Noodle. I got the vegetarian ramen and Connor got pork ramen. The prices were very reasonable and the ramen bowls were full of goodness. Everything I could have wanted was in the ramen and it was really satisfying after a cold, morning hike.

After lunch, we needed a little dessert, so we went to Mitchell’s Ice Cream, which someone recommended to us. I kept it simple with a peanut butter chocolate scoop and it was actually really yummy. I usually feel like peanut butter chocolate ice cream all tastes the same, but I actually noticed differences.

After ice cream it was time to head back to Bloomington. It was a really fun trip and worth the short drive to go somewhere new and get outside! The ramen was just an additional perk. I definitely recommend going if you are nearby, but I would say go during the summer when everything is blooming and bright.