Favorite Spots in Indy for Dessert

Over the years I have become less and less of a dessert gal. I used to love sweets, but I definitely prefer savory, salty, fruity, and just plain foods now. However, that is not always the case. There happen to be a few places in the Indy area that I love to get dessert or just a snack from.

Nicey Treat


Nicey is one of my favorite places in Indy. You can find it alongside the Monon Trail in Broad Ripple. Whenever I first tried Nicey I think I went back at least 1-2 times each week for the entire summer. Nicey is home to a delicious, natural popsicles. It has sweeter, creamier options and fruitier options as well. They have vegan and gluten-free options too if you have any dietary preferences or restrictions. There are many things I love about Nicey but I really love all of the unique flavor options. I like to try a new one each time I go unless I am obsessed with a flavor at that time. I like to go for the more unique options because I like to try new things and 9.9 times out of 10 I know I’ll love it. If you find yourself at Nicey, I have a few flavor recommendations: almond butter, avocado, dark chocolate sea salt, passion fruit, and pistachio.


If you are in the mood for a big scoop of classic, homemade ice cream, Handel’s is the place for you. There are a couple locations in the Indy area! I feel like I have been going to Handel’s forever and I would like to assume almost everyone likes Handel’s. There are many different flavors you can choose from, and like most ice cream places you can get shakes, sundaes, and more. I stick to the same few flavors when I go, just because I love them: Mint Chocolate Chip, Pistachio, and Coffee Chocolate Chip. When I was younger my favorites were Pineapple Sherbet, Cake Batter, and Peach (one of the summer flavors) in case you aren’t a fan of the others!

Mrs. Curl

This place is so cute! I found out about Mrs. Curl from my sister who would go with her friends sometimes and constantly want to go ever since. Mrs. Curl is in Greenwood, IN, pretty close to Indy. It is a little outdoor ice cream stand with a pretty large sitting area, and very long lines (just shows how yummy it is). Mrs. Curl does have some food, but I go for the ice cream. What I really love about the ice cream is the prices and the fun twists that are added to a regular ice cream cone. You can get flavors along the edges of the ice cream, fun types of sprinkles and toppings (like in the picture), sundaes, shakes, or just regular, delicious soft serve.



See you all in my next post & be sure to comment your favorite ice cream place!


Spring Break in Miami, Florida

Back with my second, and final spring break related blog post! I recently returned from spring break in Miami with 5 of my friends. We opted to drive to save money and I don’t think I am ever going to drive on a trip over 10 hours again because it was LONG! But car rides can be fun, so maybe I’ll go back on that statement.

We stayed in North Beach. It was a little out of our price range to stay in South Beach, but regardless we liked the hotel we were at and everything seemed to be relatively far apart, so it really didn’t matter in end. Our hotel was pretty nice and we ended up having a huge balcony which was super nice. Honestly, I was so happy just to feel warm weather and to be able to walk outside without my winter coat.


We left Thursday night around 9pm to start our long journey to Miami. That is pretty much all that happened on Thursday 🙂


We arrived in Miami around 5pm, so we were very hungry. We checked into our room, got settled, and then went to dinner at a place called Norman’s Tavern. It was super close to our hotel and seemed to have something we would all like on the menu. I got a margarita because it was happy hour and a portobello mushroom sandwich. It was pretty good except I feel like it was missing a mushroom (reference picture lol). After that we played euchre and went to bed because we were tired from the long drive.


On Saturday, the weather wasn’t super warm so we hung around our hotel. We got bagels for breakfast at New York Bagel Deli across the street. We all agreed that the bagels were really good!

We grabbed some groceries at Publix, played cards, and went in the hot tub. For dinner, we had BurgerFi. I got the veggie burger and added an egg. It was decent, but I feel like BurgerFi is a little overpriced.


This was an early morning for us. We decided to go to Key West for the day and do a snorkeling trip, so we got up around 5am to drive down.

We arrived in Key West around 9, just in time for the trip. It was really fun and the water felt so good. We all had some equipment issues whether it was our life vests or our goggles, but regardless, we created some funny memories.

After the snorkeling trip, we got lunch at Blue Macaw Island Eats & Bar. We had planned to go to Blue Heaven, but the wait was pretty long and we were hungry. I got a portobello mushroom quesadilla and a mojito. It was good and filled me up for the day.

Then we headed to the beach to get some sun. After our time at the beach, we stopped at the Key Lime Pie Co. so Connor could get the key lime pie he really wanted. I got a key lime slushie and it was SO sour, but very refreshing. Then we headed home.


I went to the Museum of Ice Cream on Monday morning with Connor. I actually already blogged about it, so you can check that out here if you are interested.

After many ice cream treats, Connor and I attempted to take the free trolley back to our hotel. It was a super crowded trolley so Connor and I had to hold on tight to the bar above us. Sadly, we are both relatively short and were struggling to hold on and not fly around the trolley. It was funny and my arms got quite the stretch. Once, we got back to the hotel, we all went to a mall in South Beach and got lunch at Cuba Bella.

It was a gloomy day, so it was a good day for this. Later that night, we went to a club. It wasn’t a very fun club in my opinion, but we got in for half the price which was nice.


We had a beach day on Tuesday. It was a super nice day in Miami, so we went to the beach outside our hotel for the first time. It was nice spending the day in the sun, and after we got tired and bored, we went to La Perrada de Edgar for lunch.

Connor saw this place on a list of recommendations from Anthony Bourdain. Lucky for me, there was a veggie dog among many other hot dogs, so I tried my first vegetarian hot dog ever. It was decent, but filled me up, so I was happy.


Everglades National Park was the destination for Wednesday. After an hour in the car, we made it to the park. We decided to do the Rowdy Bend Trail.

It ended up being way longer than we thought. There were a lot of trees to climb through, but it made the trails more interesting. I actually had a lot of fun and enjoyed the fresh air, but I was definitely tired. I was a little sad we didn’t see any alligators though. At one point, we sent Noah to run to find the car because we were so excited to get to the car. Once we got to the car, we raced to a gas station to grab Gatorade because we made the mistake of not bringing water on the hike. Once we got back to the hotel we all got ready to head to dinner. We went to Wynwood, which I was really excited to go to.

I was hoping to see some of the Wynwood Walls, but it was night, so I didn’t get to! We went to to a couple bars: El Patio and the Wood Tavern. I really liked the drink I got at the Wood Tavern and it was just a giant bar in general! I wish we would have gone there earlier in the week. We went to the Butcher Shop for dinner. I got a vegan tostada. It was alright. I don’t think I would recommend it.

I also got a jalapeno passion fruit margarita, which I did enjoy. I pretty much love all things passion fruit. And finally, I went to 1-800-LUCKY to get an ice cream from Taiyaki NYC. I got the chocolate unicorn cone, but ended up trading with Zack because he decided he didn’t want the matcha and sesame flavor.


We woke up at 5:30 and headed home! It was a long drive and I realized I don’t really like Dunkin’ Donuts.

Overall, I had a really nice time in Miami. I was happy to go on one last trip with my college friends before the real world. I loved the weather and all of the little adventures we went on. I hope to go back to go to Wynwood again and try out some more “foodie” restaurants.


I Went to the Museum of Ice Cream!

When I saw that the Museum of Ice Cream was going to hang around Miami a bit longer, I knew I needed to go. I had seen a lot of people I watch on YouTube or follow on Instagram go, so it was somewhere I wanted to go if I ever got the chance. I was a bit worried that it would be overrated or not worth the 40 dollars I paid to go, but in the end I had fun and enjoyed my time there.

I went on a Monday with my boyfriend. It was a gloomy day in Miami, so a perfect day to spend some time indoors. Our ice cream adventure began outside where we were greeted by a very bubbly employee. She made us pick a team captain, so Connor offered and we made up ice cream nicknames. This part of the experience was definitely cheesy, but I appreciated the enthusiasm of the employee. We then waited in line to enter the room with the sprinkle pool. It was the one room where there was a time limit. I would say this was the most popular room. People were laying in the sprinkles getting as many photos as they could during the short time in that room.

Next we moved into a room that looked like a diner. The floors were gold and super pretty. In this room we got our first ice cream treat. It was a chocolate shake with PINK whipped cream. I think it was my favorite ice cream of the day, and if you wanted you could buy the whipped cream in the gift shop. After this room, we passed through many other chances for cute photos, pink walls, balloons, patterned walls, etc.

The next exhibit had a bunch of ice cream cone fans in it. I thought it was a really cute room, but it didn’t give you much more to do than take photos.

We headed into the jungle next. I think this room was the coolest, but I didn’t stay in it long because there were a lot of people. We were given chocolate covered bananas and got to see the cherry swing and banana swing. Sadly I didn’t get to swing, mostly because of the long lines.

After the jungle, we stopped in a room with an ice cream parlor feel where you could pretend to scoop your own ice cream, take photos with the neon sign, and try melted ice cream. It is in one of those little milk cartons you may remember from grade school and tasted just like melted vanilla ice cream.

The next couple rooms were relatively boring. One had sand you could play with and many sand sculptures. The next room was where we ate mochi. I chose mango and Connor got cookies & cream. The decorations in the room were more sculptural and kind of boring as well.

The final room/area was pretty cute and had a lot going on. Right after walking in, we were offered a key lime ice cream cone. I was so full so I didn’t have any, but Connor tried some. There was a rooftop view with outdoor activities you could do. There was the popsicle photo area and this cool colorful window section which I liked. After the last room we stopped in the gift shop and our time at the ice cream museum was over.


I think the Museum of Ice Cream was really fun and somewhere you could go to get really fun, cute pictures if that is something you enjoy. I was honestly surprised we got as many samples as we did, so that was another plus. I think some rooms needed a bit more organization, so everyone could get a chance to see everything. Also, I liked the fact that once you left the sprinkle pool you could stay in the museum as long as you wanted exploring and taking photos. I expected there to be more of a time limit. Overall, it made for a fun time and a ton of color pictures in my camera roll.


A Few Favorites for March

Hello everyone! Today I’m here reporting some of my favorite things for the month of March. I like to do these early on in the month to get me pumped up. Lol. March is going to be a good month. I got to go home and see my family for my Mom’s birthday and spring break starts tomorrow. Except I am pretty lucky because both of my classes tomorrow are cancelled, so it really starts tonight! My friends and I are headed to Miami and could not be more excited for warm weather, our adventures, and the Museum of Ice Cream!! Now that I got overly excited about spring break, lets get into my favorites.



Kombucha is one of my favorites right now for sure. I drink it about 3 times a week. I wish I could drink it more, but it can be pricey. I tried Guava Goddess and Pure Love from GT’s Kombucha this week and I definitely have 2 new favorites. I still love the raspberry hibiscus from the Simple Truth brand, but I like to try new ones too! If any of you have any recommendations, definitely let me know!


“Be More Kind”- Frank Turner


Gotta love a song with a good message!



I don’t know if sunglasses count as clothing, but I am going to make it count! I recently got some cute blue lens sunglasses. I feel like they are a little more for the spring and summer, so I am so excited to wear them over spring break! I had a pair of blue ones this past summer, but they got really scratched up, and I loved those, so I know these will be great! I will link them here!


I have been obsessed with my Beats headphones (Beats Powerbeats 3 wireless headphones). My boyfriend got them for me for my birthday a few months ago and I love them. I use them everyday, whether I am listening to podcasts, music, or working out. I have the black ones that go around the outside of your ear and they stay in super well when working out, especially compared to the Apple headphones that came with my phone that I used to use all the time.


Sadly I have not had time to read a full book this month because of school projects and work, but I have started 2 different books, and will definitely be bringing them on spring break with me. I am currently reading “The Challenger Sale” by Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson and “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. So far I like both and think they  both bring up good points about business that will come in handy for me in a few short months.


March Playlist

I did something crazy this month… I actually made a playlist on Spotify for the month of March. I usually just listen to the same 20 songs over and over again, or stumble across some random playlist to listen to, but I changed things up this time around. I thought I would share some of the songs that are on the playlist in case you want to add a song or two to yours!

  1. “Magic”- Randy Mancuso & Maia Mitchell
  2. “Nothing It Can”- Helios
  3. “We’re Going Home”- Vance Joy
  4. “Best of Me”- JOHN.k
  5. “Slide”- Daniel Lee
  6. “I’m Gonna Love You”- Murphy Elmore
  7. “Psycho”- Post Malone
  8. “Opps”- Vince Staples w/ Yugen Blakrok
  9. “Year Zero”- Moon Taxi
  10. “Say Something”- Justin Timberlake & Chris Stapleton
  11. “Narcos”- Migos
  12. “We Do”- LANCO
  13. “Like I Do”- David Guetta

Let me know in the comments if you check out some of these songs or what songs you are listening to! Most of the artist I mentioned are on the playlist more than once, especially Moon Taxi, Vance Joy, and the entire Black Panther soundtrack. I will end this post with a fun fact… I named my fish after David Guetta in 8th grade! He had around 15 middle names, but that was his first and last name. See you all in my next post!