My Grocery Cart

Hey everyone!

I feel like talking about my current “grocery cart” because I am hungry and I went grocery shopping yesterday. Honestly, I love grocery shopping. There is nothing like stocking up on some delicious goodies for the week or couple weeks ahead. I get pretty much the same things each time I go shopping, but I always get a few random impulse buys.

Fruits & Veggies

Avocados- these are essential for every day avocado toast or some sort of rice bowl

Tomatoes- good on sandwiches or in big salads

Mushrooms- I don’t get these every time, but I love mushrooms with eggs, in salads, or dipped in cottage cheese (I know, a little weird)

Blueberries- If they are on sale, they are in my cart. In the summer, they are a staple, but they are always a bit too pricey for me during the winter

Bananas- A classic snack or in smoothies

Asparagus- My favorite vegetable. I usually just roast it in the oven with salt, pepper, and olive oil

Spinach or Arugula- I need some sort of base for my salads


Rice- necessary for sushi bowls or with cottage cheese

Everything Bagels- the ones from a local bakery are my absolute favorite

Sourdough Bread- my go-to for avocado toast

Cheerios- the best cereal


Almond milk- for the Cheerios

Greek yogurt- I go for Fage or Chobani typically

Cream cheese- for the bagels

Gouda- for cheese parties of course

Cottage Cheese- I don’t understand why more people don’t like cottage cheese


Edamame- probably my favorite snack right now. Sometimes I will have it for lunch too.


Seaweed- to add to sushi bowls

RXBARs- my favorite protein bar right now. I like the chocolate sea salt and peanut butter chocolate

Tortilla chips- for queso

Queso- for the tortilla chips

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