Podcast Thoughts #1

I have been listening to a ton of podcasts, mostly business related, but they all tie into our personal development and who we are in some way. Today I was listening to an episode that was talking all about how we need to be more aggressive in our personal development. I don’t know if aggressive is the exact word I would choose. Maybe personal development should be more of a priority or something that we are more intentional about.

Personal development has recently, probably as of this summer, become very important to me. You all know I have been trying to read more, listen to more podcasts, journal, and just be more aware of what I am learning and doing. It is so incredibly important. I feel like I am learning something new everyday.

The podcast mentioned that this development can’t always take place during work, or school, which is my case as of right now. You need to take time outside of your everyday commitments for this. For me, I usually spend 1 or 2 hours on these sorts of things just because I have come to really enjoy it and also benefit from it.

I guess the one thing I want you to take away from this is that you should prioritize yourself sometimes and work towards becoming and even better version of yourself. Find what motivates you to do this. Right now, I really want to learn as much as I can about the business world, communication, how to grow my own business, and just myself in general before I move away from home and start my very first job. What do you want to learn? Whatever it is, go after it. Personal development is completely under your control and can be whatever you make it!

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