Vegetarian Food Guide: Nashville, Tennessee

Back with another vegetarian food guide. This time for Nashville Tennessee. For me, when it comes to eating while traveling, I find myself at a lot of places that don’t have a ton of vegetarian options. So adapting what I have is something I do all of the time and actually enjoy. Whether I am finding ways to spice up a salad (which I try to avoid ordering at restaurants) or mixing and matching different sides, finding a meal is never a big problem.

I recently went to Nashville for a couple days with my boyfriend. I am a foodie for sure, so trying new restaurants was at the top of my list. I also feel like when it is cold out, eating and drinking are go-to activities. Lucky for us, we had his uncle with us to show us around and take us to some yummy, classic Nashville restaurants! Because we were only there for a couple of days, I only have a few meals to show you, but each place we went had delicious and comforting food!


Loveless Cafe


This is the only breakfast spot we hit in Nashville, but that is fine with me because it was so good and so satisfying. It is a hot spot in Nashville for sure, and you can tell just by being in the restaurant. There is a lot of seating, but it can get busy. And all of the waiters and employees were super nice and helpful, continually getting us water and biscuits. I ordered a veggie omelet for my meal. I love eggs, so omelets are always a good vegetarian choice. I also had some of the amazing and honestly really adorable biscuits. There were three types of jam so I had to try them all. I definitely recommend Loveless Cafe when you visit Nashville. Between the yummy food choices and excellent service, you won’t be disappointed.


Dandgure’s Cafe

This was the first stop in Nashville because we were so hungry from the drive. My boyfriend saw this place on a list of restaurants Anthony Bourdain recommends in Nashville. It was a cafeteria style restaurant and had all of the classics like chicken, mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, etc. I was a little worried about finding food I liked, but I ended up with corn, mac n’ cheese, and some peach cobbler that we shared. There were other veggies and vegetarian friendly sides, but I just stuck with these sides. The mac n’ cheese was super yummy and corn has become one of my favorite foods and I don’t even know why lol. Overall, it was a good, quick stop, and everyone was super nice who worked there.

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

I was also a little worried about trying Hattie B’s but I ended up liking it and having quite a few options to pick from. Before getting to Nashville, I had heard a lot about Hattie B’s because of the hot chicken. I never really paid attention because I don’t eat chicken, but I had also heard about the banana pudding. And I love banana pudding, so I obviously got some. For me, Hattie B’s was another stop where I mixed and matched sides. I got mac n’ cheese (again lol), pickles (I’m weird), and banana pudding. The sides were a good size and definitely filled me up. There were other options like beans, coleslaw, potato salad, and fries too, which would make for other potential choices. Even if trying out different sides isn’t really your thing, I think Hattie B’s is a place you have to try in Nashville.

Two Ten Jack

This was by far my favorite place we tried in Nashville. I am a huge ramen fan and am always craving it, so I was so excited to try Two Ten Jack. The wait was relatively long, but it was a Saturday night, so that is probably why. We got miso edamame as an appetizer and I really liked it. I had never had any specialty edamame before, so it was a fun change to something I eat all the time. For my main meal, I ordered the yasai shoyu ramen (a veggie broth base) and added an egg. It was so delicious and filling. But I could have had another bowl because it was so good. Overall, we were all super satisfied with our dishes.

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