College Series: Sophomore Year 

Sophomore year was by far the best year of college, at least for me. When sophomore year starts, you already know your way around campus, you usually will have a friend group to hang out with that you met freshman year, you get to live outside of the dorms, and you really missed being at college during the summer.

I lived in an apartment sophomore year. It wasn’t too far from my school where I took almost all of my classes. It was fun to live somewhere outside of the dorms. I actually had air conditioning, which I didn’t have in my dorm. It was a bit more freedom, and I got to live with my best friend.

The workload sophomore year in business school wasn’t terrible for me. There were a few classes I took that I found challenging, but they were accounting classes, which I was/am not great at. Otherwise, I felt well-adjusted to college life and knowing how long my homework would take, or how long I should study.

I never thought I would miss the dining halls, but I did. I wasn’t one to get unhealthy food in the dining halls, so it wasn’t like I was trying to get away from that. I pretty much bought the same stuff at Kroger, but would run out and not be able to go get it right away. The dining hall kept me nice and stocked up. But it was fun to be able to cook, and make some recipes, rather than always getting the same three meals each day.

I miss house parties. The bars are fun and all, but once you go to them, you have gone to them. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out, and hanging out with friends, but I miss the uncertainty of going to a house party. You never knew how many people would be there, or if it would even be fun. It was almost always a little challenge to get to one, but they usually turned out pretty fun. I definitely miss those days.

I feel like I was my happiest self sophomore year. I had a good routine down, but it wasn’t so routine that I didn’t have fun. I had an almost perfect class schedule, minus my later class on Thursday nights, but it wasn’t bad. I was able to fit in my workout in after my morning classes. I had a lot of different friends that I would hang out with. I didn’t spend much money.  I was vlogging and blogging, and just overall happy. I am not saying I am not happy now, but I am just saying how perfectly everything felt like it fit together.

Tips for Sophomore Year

  1. Get a good routine going. Life is a little different outside of the dorms. You have to clean, make your own meals, pay rent, walk a bit further, etc.
  2. Keep in touch with friends from freshman year that you may not be living so close to anymore
  3. Work on your personal brand and begin drafting a solid resume
  4. Look for an internship and go to career fairs if that applies to your major. You may not be able to get one because many companies are only looking for juniors or seniors, but it is a good experience.
  5. Manage your money. There are more expenses you may not have seen freshman year when everything was more of a lump sum.
  6. Have fun. Once again, this is college. You only get these 4 years once, so go out, hang out with friends, go to football/basketball games, work out, whatever it is you think is fun.

2 thoughts on “College Series: Sophomore Year ”

  1. My sophomore year of college started off rocky but ended fairly well. It wasn’t until my junior year when I felt comfortable on campus and with myself. Sophomore year can be that transition year, but I’m glad it was a good year for you!

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