It’s My Last Semester of College

Happy almost Wednesday! The cover photo of this post is exactly what it looks like in Bloomington right now lol.

Today I want to write a little update for you all. It is currently my last semester of college. It is kind of crazy I am almost done with school and off to the real world, but not just yet.

I have been back in classes for over a week now. I am taking 5 courses, which feels like a lot for a senior because I imagined myself in no more than 4, but not everything can work out perfectly. So far my classes are fine. I got to select 3 as electives, but the other 2 are capstone classes for both of my majors. I am not the hugest fan of those, but they shouldn’t be too hard. Along with those classes I am taking an international marketing class, a digital advertising class, and a consumer behavior class. I don’t have a real opinion of them yet, but they should be interesting enough. I really like that I get to read a lot of books that at first glance look interesting. I have already started one called “Where Am I Eating?” And so far I really enjoy it.

Other than classes, not much has been happening. I got my post in for the blog I write for at school. I spent too much time in bed being sick and have already skipped 2 classes because I was sick, which is not too exciting. It keeps snowing so it either looks really beautiful outside or a bit dreary, but either way it’s SO cold. Because of the cold I have spent a lot of time reading and reorganizing my Pinterest. I thought I didn’t like Pinterest anymore, but it turns out I just didn’t like how my board were set up and some of the content, but now I can’t get enough.

I will end off with a few things I am excited for this semester:

Thursday nights out

Little 500

Spring Break

Sushi Tuesdays

The books I get to read for my classes

Blogging for my school

See you all in my next post 🙂

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