21 Things I Learned at 21

This post is a bit overdue but I totally forgot was even in my drafts. Just want to say that I am very thankful for anyone who even stumbles across my posts. Blogging is something I do because I enjoy putting my thoughts down, but the thought of people actually reading something I write makes me very thankful. These are just some of the things I learned this year. I feel like I have learned even more since my 22nd birthday but that can be in next years blog!

1. Put yourself out there.

2. Keep doing what you love even if you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. Eventually you will.

3. Be there for others.

4. You only get to be in college once.

5. Smile at everyone. You never know what their day has been like.

6. Stay in touch with those you care about.

7. Write and then write more.

8. Carry a notebook around to jot down ideas.

9. Make your LinkedIn yours.

10. Do things you are afraid of.

11. Take pictures of your food because it’s pretty.

12. Don’t buy that last drink at the bar.

13. Eggs over rice is the best simple meal. And it’s even better with veggies.

14. I love Chicago.

15. I’m afraid of change, but also ready.

16. Always have a Google Doc to avoid group meetings.

17. Don’t feel bad if you don’t want to be social for the day. It’s ok to have time to yourself.

18. Listen to all of music you loved in middle school.

19. Don’t get nervous for presentations.

20. Almost always say yes.

21. Never pay for delivery. Always do carry out.

With it being the new year I have some goals that I want to work towards. So be on the look out for another post soon!

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