Thoughts For The Day

It has been a bit since my last post. I had a pretty good schedule going, but for some reason I just couldn’t think of anything to say. I never have nothing to say so I just decided to take a little break.

Honestly, I still don’t have anything to say. All I know is I like writing and it is something I want to do even more than I do now. I don’t have a journal like a lot of people do these days. For some reason I really like typing my thoughts into a sticky note on my computer or just into an Instagram post. I am the kind of person to just document my thoughts the moment I have them whether I plan to share them or let them expand a little.

Lately these are some my thoughts…

I want to graduate and start living in the real world

I don’t want to graduate and start living in the real world

I am so grateful to even be in college, so I should never complain about it

Its interesting hearing people complain about things in college. I heard someone say they were mad they had an assignment over Thanksgiving break. At my school we have a solid 10 days off from school including weekends. So we have plenty of time to write a paper or prepare for a quick presentation. We should be grateful we get a whole week off. Most people don’t get that and in the real world we will definitely have to work most of the week during the holidays. I don’t know why that bothered me.

My biggest regret is not running the first race for run club my freshman year. I wish I had stuck with it instead of training on my own. I 100 percent think I could have won or placed well in some of the meets. I hate regret, and dwelling on the past. But it is nice to know that is my only regret.

This Is Us is a really great TV show. I have been watching it for pretty much 24 hours because I didn’t have my only class of the day today. It is so interesting and really makes you think. It is probably why I even thought about half the stuff I have written in this post today. I definitely recommend watching it.

I am really happy with how my Instagram is growing. I don’t have a huge following, but I appreciate those who take the time to look at the photos I take and read the captions. I used to be quite surface level with my photos, but that is going to change. The pictures probably won’t though because I am a foodie and I love taking food pics lol.

I am nervous for my finance final next week.

I really want gnome pajamas.

Kindness is something I have been thinking a lot about lately. It is one of the qualities I admire most in people. Those who genuinely care about people and are selfless with their time, their advice, their help, their things. Everything.

I am very lucky and very happy with where my life is right now. And am excited for the holiday season to continue bringing the happiness and holiday spirit out of everyone.


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