I Want To Do Something Meaningful

I try to do good things every day. Some days more than others, but regardless, doing something meaningful has been on my mind for months, maybe even years. When I was younger I felt like I had to go to college, which I am glad I did and very thankful that I was able to, but now that I am nearing graduation, I am not sure what I truly want to do next.

Working and having a full-time job will be great. I do like working and learning so it sounds great. Thinking of living in a busy city with so many opportunities sounds great, but it also sounds kind of selfish. What I really want is to help people, and I am not really sure how sitting at a desk, or in meetings will really do that.

Lately I have been hearing songs, reading articles, or even watching movies that really resonate with me. These things have only shown me what I really care about, which is doing something good for the world, other people, etc. I can’t stand the thought of not doing something that will really help others.

I used to think I just wanted to travel forever, which does sound amazing, but isn’t necessarily feasible for me at the moment. But I am not sure why I let the thought cross my mind that helping others and giving back cannot be my job. Because it definitely could be. All I know right now is I need do something meaningful for the world, whether it is my own venture or through the companies I may work for someday. All I know is I want to do something more meaningful with my life and that can better the lives of others, nature, or the world.

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