How I Get My Week Started

I try to avoid doing homework on the weekend, so it is crucial that I make Mondays a productive start to my week. I eat the healthiest on Mondays, usually go to the gym (sometimes I have to make other things priorities), work, prepare for the week, and of course, get a good start on my school work for the week. Here is a typical Monday for me.

I usually wake up at 8, sometimes a little earlier, other times a little later.

I drink my apple cider vinegar drink and some water.

Then I like to make eggs for breakfast. They are my favorite food ever right now.

I like to get to school early, so I head to school around 9:15.

I don’t have class until 11:15, so the 2 hours I have before class are a great time for me to get organized and work on either homework or work related tasks.

I usually drink my kombucha during this time. It gives me more energy than anything and keeps me nice and full until my next meal.

I go through my planner and make notes of upcoming dates, quizzes, projects, etc. on my computer, so I see them everyday.

I go to one class on Mondays (an entrepreneurship class), which is super nice, but Tuesdays are always much longer.

I leave class and head home or to the gym around 1.

I always wash whatever dishes I have been too lazy to wash before I cook anything for lunch.

A typical lunch for me in veggies and rice and I will usually watch YouTube videos while I eat.

The rest of my afternoon consists of homework, work, blogging, or social media related work.

Then I hang out with friends and relax.



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