Things I Have Been Loving


Eggs- I am going through a phase where all I crave is eggs.

Rice- I always eat my rice with egg over it, in a sushi bowl, or with cottage cheese to create a healthier mac n cheese.

Kombucha- I like to have kombucha fairly regularly during the week. I feel like it helps me focus.


“Hometown” by Kane Brown

The entire Chris Young album

The entire Niall Horan album especially “Seeing Blind” and “On My Own”

“A Thousand Years”- Christina Perri

“Just Breathe”- Pearl Jam


I am not fashionable at all, but I have been wearing my white sneakers a lot lately.


Aspyn & Parker- I bet they have been included in every post I have ever done like this. I feel like I grew up watching Aspyn, so I will probably watch her and Parker as long as they are on Youtube.

Kristee Vetter- I never really watched her, even though I have always been subscribed, but I love how regularly she vlogs.

MissRemiAshten- I love her vlogs and she is always so positive and happy. Plus I love her cooking videos.


Fuller House- I thought this was going to be so bad, but I actually really enjoyed it. It is just nice to watch something happy. I finished all three seasons on Netflix much faster than I would like to admit.

The Fosters- I have been watching this since high school, so that is probably why I think it is so good. There is always a lot of drama and the last episode always leaves off with such a cliffhanger #renewthefosters


LinkedIn- I blog about LinkedIn too much lol

My social media job- nothing I love more than taking and posting pictures

My adventurewithellie Instagram


My school






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