Watch Gleason

This is going to be my shortest post ever and the feature photo has nothing to do with it, but I wanted to share something. I recently watched the movie Gleason about a former New Orleans Saints football player, Steve Gleason, who was diagnosed with ALS.  I wanted to watch this movie for awhile, ever since I saw it mentioned on ESPN. I never got around to actually watching until last weekend and I wish I had watched it sooner.

It is the saddest movie I have ever watched. It is full of life lessons, sad moments, but also hope. I really recommend watching it because if anything you will have a new perspective on life. You may even feel compelled to find a way to help out with ALS research as well as technology development for those with ALS. I just began looking for ways to help. But regardless, I really recommend watching it because it definitely inspires and gives you a different outlook of life.


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