College Series: Freshman Year

This is the first post of my college series. This one is going to be all about freshman year including my experiences, tips, and more. My freshman year was one of my favorite years of college. It was a little scary moving away from home and having to make new friends, but it is also really fun being able to try and learn new things.

I chose to go random for a roommate my freshman year. I ended up in one of the worst dorms, mostly because it doesn’t have air conditioning and you would see a cockroach every now and then. I lived in the basement, which wasn’t great because there weren’t many girls on my floor to meet. Regardless, I liked my room and how things were set up. I also liked my dorm because it was one of the few that has a dining hall.

I took 13 credit hours my freshman year. I came in with a lot of credits from high school so I wanted to start small with my first semester of credits so I could get the hang of classes. I took pretty much all business classes with a few others mixed in.

I ran a lot my freshman year and enjoyed going to the gym. I went to football and basketball games with my friends. I went to parties. I stayed up super late and got up super early. I ate a yogurt cup and fruit every day for breakfast. I ate some sort of rice and veggie combo for lunch. And I ate a salad pretty much every day for dinner. I was very routine and I think that helped me stay organized and on top of my work freshman year.

Now for my tips:

  1. Don’t room with your best friend. Everyone says this, but go random, or meet someone to room with on the schools Facebook page. You can hang out with your best friend any time you want. You don’t have to live together.
  2. If possible take the least amount of credits you can your first semester. You need to get the feel for college and balancing many different things.
  3. Get in a good routine for YOU during the week. Whether that means waking up early or staying up late. Whatever works best for you.
  4. Call your family or friends at other schools. They miss you and it is always nice to hear a familiar voice.
  5. Explore your campus. There is more to do than just study and party in college, so find those things on your campus.
  6. Find a good place to study. For me, I actually liked studying in my dorm room, but I know most people hate studying in their dorm. So find a quiet space in a library or other building, or even outside.
  7. Have fun. Know when you need to do your homework or study, but also remember that you are only in college once and it is important to do social things whether that is hang out with friends, go out to eat, tailgate, or more.
  8. Participate in class. It is a great way to get to know your teachers, classmates, and the actual material.
  9. Say yes. I have said this in many blog posts, but say yes to things (good things of course) that you may be nervous about or may not normally do .
  10. STUDY. You went to college to learn, so make sure you are working hard in your classes.



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