Things I Have Been Loving

FOOD Eggs- I am going through a phase where all I crave is eggs. Rice- I always eat my rice with egg over it, in a sushi bowl, or with cottage cheese to create a healthier mac n cheese. Kombucha- I like to have kombucha fairly regularly during the week. I feel like it helps… Continue reading Things I Have Been Loving


Eating Healthy/Balanced in College

Hello all, back with my weekly post. Today I want to talk about healthy eating in college and just some tips around keeping a good balance. The tips I have are all things that I have done or that I think are good ways to have balance in your lifestyle. They may not all apply… Continue reading Eating Healthy/Balanced in College


College is…

a new experience, being independent, learning new things, inside and outside the classroom, late nights, and even later mornings, navigating the dining halls, ordering food way too late at night, making new friends, and sometimes losing friends, finding your passions, making mistakes, tailgates and football games, drinks and bar crawls, missing your family, feeling lonely… Continue reading College is…