How I Get My Week Started

I try to avoid doing homework on the weekend, so it is crucial that I make Mondays a productive start to my week. I eat the healthiest on Mondays, usually go to the gym (sometimes I have to make other things priorities), work, prepare for the week, and of course, get a good start on my school work for the week. Here is a typical Monday for me.

I usually wake up at 8, sometimes a little earlier, other times a little later.

I drink my apple cider vinegar drink and some water.

Then I like to make eggs for breakfast. They are my favorite food ever right now.

I like to get to school early, so I head to school around 9:15.

I don’t have class until 11:15, so the 2 hours I have before class are a great time for me to get organized and work on either homework or work related tasks.

I usually drink my kombucha during this time. It gives me more energy than anything and keeps me nice and full until my next meal.

I go through my planner and make notes of upcoming dates, quizzes, projects, etc. on my computer, so I see them everyday.

I go to one class on Mondays (an entrepreneurship class), which is super nice, but Tuesdays are always much longer.

I leave class and head home or to the gym around 1.

I always wash whatever dishes I have been too lazy to wash before I cook anything for lunch.

A typical lunch for me in veggies and rice and I will usually watch YouTube videos while I eat.

The rest of my afternoon consists of homework, work, blogging, or social media related work.

Then I hang out with friends and relax.




Things I Have Been Loving


Eggs- I am going through a phase where all I crave is eggs.

Rice- I always eat my rice with egg over it, in a sushi bowl, or with cottage cheese to create a healthier mac n cheese.

Kombucha- I like to have kombucha fairly regularly during the week. I feel like it helps me focus.


“Hometown” by Kane Brown

The entire Chris Young album

The entire Niall Horan album especially “Seeing Blind” and “On My Own”

“A Thousand Years”- Christina Perri

“Just Breathe”- Pearl Jam


I am not fashionable at all, but I have been wearing my white sneakers a lot lately.


Aspyn & Parker- I bet they have been included in every post I have ever done like this. I feel like I grew up watching Aspyn, so I will probably watch her and Parker as long as they are on Youtube.

Kristee Vetter- I never really watched her, even though I have always been subscribed, but I love how regularly she vlogs.

MissRemiAshten- I love her vlogs and she is always so positive and happy. Plus I love her cooking videos.


Fuller House- I thought this was going to be so bad, but I actually really enjoyed it. It is just nice to watch something happy. I finished all three seasons on Netflix much faster than I would like to admit.

The Fosters- I have been watching this since high school, so that is probably why I think it is so good. There is always a lot of drama and the last episode always leaves off with such a cliffhanger #renewthefosters


LinkedIn- I blog about LinkedIn too much lol

My social media job- nothing I love more than taking and posting pictures

My adventurewithellie Instagram


My school







Watch Gleason

This is going to be my shortest post ever and the feature photo has nothing to do with it, but I wanted to share something. I recently watched the movie Gleason about a former New Orleans Saints football player, Steve Gleason, who was diagnosed with ALS.  I wanted to watch this movie for awhile, ever since I saw it mentioned on ESPN. I never got around to actually watching until last weekend and I wish I had watched it sooner.

It is the saddest movie I have ever watched. It is full of life lessons, sad moments, but also hope. I really recommend watching it because if anything you will have a new perspective on life. You may even feel compelled to find a way to help out with ALS research as well as technology development for those with ALS. I just began looking for ways to help. But regardless, I really recommend watching it because it definitely inspires and gives you a different outlook of life.



College Series: Freshman Year

This is the first post of my college series. This one is going to be all about freshman year including my experiences, tips, and more. My freshman year was one of my favorite years of college. It was a little scary moving away from home and having to make new friends, but it is also really fun being able to try and learn new things.

I chose to go random for a roommate my freshman year. I ended up in one of the worst dorms, mostly because it doesn’t have air conditioning and you would see a cockroach every now and then. I lived in the basement, which wasn’t great because there weren’t many girls on my floor to meet. Regardless, I liked my room and how things were set up. I also liked my dorm because it was one of the few that has a dining hall.

I took 13 credit hours my freshman year. I came in with a lot of credits from high school so I wanted to start small with my first semester of credits so I could get the hang of classes. I took pretty much all business classes with a few others mixed in.

I ran a lot my freshman year and enjoyed going to the gym. I went to football and basketball games with my friends. I went to parties. I stayed up super late and got up super early. I ate a yogurt cup and fruit every day for breakfast. I ate some sort of rice and veggie combo for lunch. And I ate a salad pretty much every day for dinner. I was very routine and I think that helped me stay organized and on top of my work freshman year.

Now for my tips:

  1. Don’t room with your best friend. Everyone says this, but go random, or meet someone to room with on the schools Facebook page. You can hang out with your best friend any time you want. You don’t have to live together.
  2. If possible take the least amount of credits you can your first semester. You need to get the feel for college and balancing many different things.
  3. Get in a good routine for YOU during the week. Whether that means waking up early or staying up late. Whatever works best for you.
  4. Call your family or friends at other schools. They miss you and it is always nice to hear a familiar voice.
  5. Explore your campus. There is more to do than just study and party in college, so find those things on your campus.
  6. Find a good place to study. For me, I actually liked studying in my dorm room, but I know most people hate studying in their dorm. So find a quiet space in a library or other building, or even outside.
  7. Have fun. Know when you need to do your homework or study, but also remember that you are only in college once and it is important to do social things whether that is hang out with friends, go out to eat, tailgate, or more.
  8. Participate in class. It is a great way to get to know your teachers, classmates, and the actual material.
  9. Say yes. I have said this in many blog posts, but say yes to things (good things of course) that you may be nervous about or may not normally do .
  10. STUDY. You went to college to learn, so make sure you are working hard in your classes.




My Day in Chicago (Mostly the Suburbs) 

I went to Chicago this week for a couple of days with my boyfriend who had an interview. I spent a lot of the time alone just exploring the suburbs which I feel like I never go to. But we were in actual Chicago for a bit too! 

During the day I had a lot of down time so I worked on homework and then went to some stores I don’t get to go to all the time in Indiana, at least where my school is. I really wanted to find the Moscow Mule Kettle Chips because I love Moscow Mules. And I actually found them! So that was an exciting moment. After trying them they taste kind of like average chips. The first chip definitely tastes like a Moscow Mule, but after a few more you just taste the lime and ginger. 

I went to Trader Joe’s, a giant Forever 21, and Binny’s. I probably sound weird because I went to so many grocery type stores, but I love them. Of course I got breakfast/lunch. I got a pitaya bowl from Jamba Juice and it was exactly what I wanted and super refreshing. 

I did more homework and then it was finally time to go see my bff in the city. We met her at bopNgrill which I have definitely talked about. It’s my favorite restaurant in Chicago and one of my favorites overall. It was delicious as always. Then we got margaritas and hung out. It was great being back in the same area I spent my summer!


I was happy to escape for a little bit just because being in the same town and doing the same thing almost every day can get a little monotonous. I also just love Chicago and wanted to see my bff and bopNgrill of course. 


Eating Healthy/Balanced in College

Hello all, back with my weekly post. Today I want to talk about healthy eating in college and just some tips around keeping a good balance. The tips I have are all things that I have done or that I think are good ways to have balance in your lifestyle. They may not all apply to you.

I can’t say I am the healthiest version of myself right now in my senior year. I am enjoying my last months as a college student, whether that be with new restaurants or nights at the bar. However, generally, I like to keep healthy food at my apartment, and always try to have well-rounded meals with healthy fats, carbs, and vegetarian proteins.

Dorm/Dining Hall Eats:

For me, the dining halls made it impossible for me to eat unhealthy. I recommend not sticking to one place to get food, whether it is the Italian place, the sandwich place, or even the salad bar. A healthy meal in dining hall comes from many different places. For example, I would get rice from the stir fry place, cottage cheese and veggies from the salad bar, and steamed broccoli from the Italian place. I wouldn’t be able to get all of that in one place, so my first tip is get healthy options from all over the dining hall.

Buy fruit at breakfast to have as a snack later in the day.

Drink water, milk, or orange juice with meals. Stay away from the soda machine.

Have healthy snacks in your dorm. I always had rice, almond butter, protein bars, apples, granola, and avocados on hand in my dorm if I got hungry during the day or didn’t feel like going to the dining hall during a big day of studying.

Post-Dorm Eats:

Try water with apple cider vinegar before a meal or in the morning. It helps cleanse and detox your body. It helps me stay on track with my meals too. I feel like eating healthy after drinking it.

Buy lots of veggies, even if they are frozen. Veggies are a great way to bulk up a meal in a healthy way. I add them to pasta, rice, eggs, cottage cheese, or just eat them plain.

Try to buy mostly healthy foods. I usually don’t buy any treats. I honestly usually crave scrambled eggs or rice, so if I want something a little more unhealthy I will go get it and share it with friends.

If you are 21, try to drink healthier drinks at the bars. A vodka cranberry is a good option, and my go-to. Try to stay away from the more sugary drinks and the ones with the most ingredients.


Not everything is about being healthy and that is super important to remember. Living your life and having fun are a huge part of college, so it is totally normal and very okay to have days where you just want pizza or ice cream or beer. College is fun, and you don’t want to miss out on fun times just because there won’t be broccoli at dinner, or the bar, or the tailgate.




College is…

a new experience, being independent,

learning new things, inside and outside the classroom,

late nights, and even later mornings,

navigating the dining halls, ordering food way too late at night,

making new friends, and sometimes losing friends,

finding your passions, making mistakes,

tailgates and football games, drinks and bar crawls,

missing your family, feeling lonely at times,

getting out of your comfort zone, finding comfort in your home away from home,

splitting Ubers and cheesy bread, trying new restaurants,

Spring break,

hard days, but then laughing til you cry,

Netflix procrastination, hours in the library,

a big investment, but arguably 4 (or more) of the best years