Goals Before I Graduate

It’s my last year of college. Y’all know that because I think I say that in nearly every post. Anyway, before I have to be a part of the real world, I have some things I would like to do and learn.

Things I Want to Learn

  1. Photoshop
  2. Marketing data analysis
  3. Writing and blogging tips

Things I Want to Do

  1. Go to Iowa to see the giant gnome
  2. Go to Bonnaroo
  3. Visit my friend at Purdue
  4. Go to the local farmers market
  5. Go on Spring Break with my friends
  6. Visit my sister at her school
  7. Go to an apple orchard

Things I Want to Improve

  1. My blog
  2. My resume
  3. My professional wardrobe
  4. My budgeting skills
  5. The meals I eat
  6. My writing

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