Weekly Restaurants Part 1

My friends and I are trying one new restaurant each week in our college town. We want to make sure we experience as much as we can before graduating in the spring, and of course food is part of that experience. When my friends mentioned this idea I was very excited because I love food, taking pictures of food, and trying out new restaurants. We have a lot of different types of restaurants, so finding new places is not hard and has been really fun so far.

Restaurant #1: Turkuaz Cafe

This was the first restaurant that we tried. I like Turkish food a lot because it involves a lot of veggies and many simple dishes that taste amazing. They give you red lentil soup  and a little salad spread as a starter. It was the best red lentil soup I have ever had. I also really enjoyed the quinoa salad (I think it was quinoa, but maybe not). For my main meal I got a vegetable kebab which was basically a veggie stew with basmati rice. It was really good! Definitely the best basmati rice I have ever had and I love basmati rice. My friends all ordered pides which are similar to pizzas and flatbread. Overall we really enjoyed the restaurant. Everyone who worked at the restaurant was super nice and we got to sit on the floor which was cool!

Restaurant #2: The Irish Lion

The following week we headed to The Irish Lion. I was skeptical about this restaurant just because I knew it didn’t have a lot of vegetarian options. I ended up getting the vegetable medley. I really enjoyed it because I love veggies, especially the broccoli and mushrooms, and rice, but it is also a little boring for a meal out. Most of my friends got lamb burgers. Overall, it was decent.

Restaurant #3: My Thai Cafe

My Thai actually wasn’t a new restaurant for me, but I love it. I think there is something for everyone there, whether you like noodles, rice, are vegetarian, etc. Most of my friends got some kind of curry dish. I however  got Pad See Ew because I usually get rice dishes there, and wanted to try something new. It was so good. The tofu was so crispy and the best part of the dish. I was happy I was able to add on tofu as a substitute for beef or chicken. I will always go back to My Thai, so I definitely recommend it.

Restaurant #4: Scenic View Restaurant

We were ready for brunch this Sunday, so we decided to go to a place called Scenic View (the name comes from the view of the lake you get while at the restaurant). I was super excited to try this place because everything on the menu sounded good to me. I finally settled on Egg Florentine because I love poached eggs and it was an already vegetarian meal. It was so yummy and so satisfying. I didn’t think I would be full after eating this, but I sure was. My friends got an array of different brunch dishes and all enjoyed their meals too. I hope to go back again to try everything I didn’t try this time around.

Check back in a few weeks for the next edition of Weekly Restaurants 🙂

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