Job Search Tips

My senior year of college began just a couple of weeks ago. It’s crazy to think that I have been blogging since right after my freshman year of college ended. But that’s besides the point. Something that is going to be at the top of my list of priorities this semester is my job search. I only have a matter of months until I will hopefully be starting on my career path. I had an internship this summer so hunting for an internship or job is something that I have some experience with. I want to share some of my tips for looking for jobs and staying positive throughout the process.

1. Write down various jobs or companies that you would like to work for- even if it isn’t your dream job it is important not to count it out. It could be a lead into the job you have been dreaming of your whole life. You have to start somewhere. I know I had a long list of places I would like to work for and I wasn’t completely perfect for some of the more “reach” companies I wrote down. But they can still be an option and a goal.

2. Work on your resume- whether that means making your first ever resume, updating it to reflect new experiences, or having someone edit it to make sure it highlights your accomplishments.

3. Practice writing a cover letter- many companies ask for these and it is your opportunity to show in writing how you are a good candidate.

4. Update your LinkedIn- just like your resume, make sure it is up to date. LinkedIn is a great place for recruiters to reach out to you and vice versa, so make sure your profile is accurate and representative of you (profile photo, background photo, experiences, strong summary, etc.)

5. Connect on LinkedIn- follow companies and connect with employees from companies you want to work for. I would recommend finding commonalities between yourself and the person you are connecting with so you can reach out with a message when connecting.

6. Don’t be afraid to inquire about a company or job via email, LinkedIn message, or call- I know I have sent emails to companies and recruiters to show my interest in the company and ask for any advice to help me stand out when going through the recruiting process.

7. Don’t just look for the best salary- obviously money is a huge part of your job search and ultimate decision, but especially with an internship, look for something where you can gain meaningful experience and try something potentially new. You want to make sure you are happy at work with the actual job, culture, and coworkers around you, not just the amazing paycheck.

8. Stay positive- it can be hard looking for a job or internship. It is something you have to work hard at and block out time to do. Additionally, it is easy to get discouraged by a bad interview or a rejection letter. But know that there is a company out there that matches your skill set, values, and personality even better. I definitely struggled with this at times, but I was lucky to find a company that I really enjoyed interning for.

9. Use your resources- family, friends, advisors at school, past coworkers, career websites, alumni from your respective university, etc. These resources may hold the key to a referral for an interview or an opportunity you have never even considered.

10. Do your research- Before sending an email, attending  career fair, or going to an interview especially, make sure you know about the company, the specific role, and what has been going on with the company in the news. The recruiters will appreciate the research you did and will most definitely ask you about these things in an interview.

I know some of these tips were kind of basic, but I just wanted to share some things that I do. If you want me to elaborate on any of these tips in a later post, I would definitely love to do so! If you are in the midst of a job search/change, or like me, trying to find a place to begin my career, best of luck! 

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