Weekend Adventures: Part Two

I am back with another blog post. Lately I have just wanted to document things I have been doing, so here I am reporting on another fun weekend I have had this summer!

This past weekend I took the Megabus to Indianapolis. My boyfriend had free tickets to The Chainsmokers, so it was an easy decision to head home. For those of you who have never taken a Megabus, its really not that bad. I honestly feel like its so fast and I am getting to my destination way faster than I should be.

A lot of my other friends from school came to Indy too. The first night back we just hung out and went to Steak n’ Shake which I have missed. 

The next day I went to a company event with Connor and his friends. It was so hot outside, but still a nice time. 

The final night I stayed, we went to see The Chainsmokers. It was super fun.  I love The Chainsmokers so it was fun to see them in concert. My favorite song is “It Won’t Kill Ya” and I actually heard it which was surprising to me for some reason. After the concert we got margaritas at Bakersfield (SO GOOD) because I had never been there before. I am definitely going to go back.

The next day I got tamales with my family. I had never had a tamales before and I enjoyed the one I got. It was pretty much all cheese and peppers, but I still liked it! Every time I come home I realize how much I love being with my close friends and family. But I am still very thankful to be spending my summer in Chicago with new friends and new experiences.

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