Weekend Adventures: Part Two

I am back with another blog post. Lately I have just wanted to document things I have been doing, so here I am reporting on another fun weekend I have had this summer!

This past weekend I took the Megabus to Indianapolis. My boyfriend had free tickets to The Chainsmokers, so it was an easy decision to head home. For those of you who have never taken a Megabus, its really not that bad. I honestly feel like its so fast and I am getting to my destination way faster than I should be.

A lot of my other friends from school came to Indy too. The first night back we just hung out and went to Steak n’ Shake which I have missed. 

The next day I went to a company event with Connor and his friends. It was so hot outside, but still a nice time. 

The final night I stayed, we went to see The Chainsmokers. It was super fun.  I love The Chainsmokers so it was fun to see them in concert. My favorite song is “It Won’t Kill Ya” and I actually heard it which was surprising to me for some reason. After the concert we got margaritas at Bakersfield (SO GOOD) because I had never been there before. I am definitely going to go back.

The next day I got tamales with my family. I had never had a tamales before and I enjoyed the one I got. It was pretty much all cheese and peppers, but I still liked it! Every time I come home I realize how much I love being with my close friends and family. But I am still very thankful to be spending my summer in Chicago with new friends and new experiences.


Weekend Adventures feat. Yummy Food

My sister came to visit last weekend and my boyfriend and bff came to visit this weekend. I wanted to share some photos of the things we did, but pretty much the things we ate.

Day with my sis 

Stan’s donuts!! I got pistachio and it was so good! My sister loves donuts so it was an obvious breakfast stop.
My sis and I always get popsicles back home so this was as close as we could get!
Saw this wall on a site about cute walls in Chicago, so we made sure to walk by and take some pics.
Initially went to Mahalo for ramen, but I guess they weren’t making it that day. We got pok√© instead. It was super cute in the actual restaurant!
Made a quick stop at the bean because I love it there for some reason.

Windy City Smokeout

Missed Clayton Anderson’s set, but got to meet him!

Definitely recommend going to the Windy City Smokeout if you like country music!
First time seeing Jake Owen! His band was super cool!
Moscow mules!!

Saturday with Connor & Shanon (Mostly pics of food)

Got to try the chocolate banana pudding! Super good!
Shanon, Connor, and I got margaritas and tacos after a day in the city. We got strawberry, pineapple, and passion fruit. Mine was the passion fruit and I loved it!
Connor and I got Stan’s for breakfast. We shared a few different donuts! I really like the blueberry one we tried and had to get a pistachio lemon donut too!

I love getting to share my time in Chicago with my friends and family, so the past couple of weekends have been amazing!