Chicago Food Part 1

I’m just going to go ahead and call this Part 1… (I would be sad if there wasn’t a Part 2)

If you can’t tell from the title, this is all about food (and drinks) that I have been enjoying in Chicago. I am not a food critic, but I like to eat and take lots of photos of my food. I would guess most of these restaurants are pretty popular here, but either way these are just some of the places I have been trying out in Chicago!


Goddess and the Baker

One of those places that you see on Instagram. The food is all super cute, but also tastes good! I love toast, so its a great spot for breakfast or brunch. I have heard good things about the rainbow cake here, so I am hoping to try it soon!

Ann Sather

I went here with my boyfriend and a friend for brunch one morning. First of all, the portions are huge. Second, the cinnamon rolls are amazing and you get 2 as a side. We also made our own mimosas, and I really don’t think you can go wrong with a mimosa. Oh, I got an omelet as my main meal! 


I think this is one of those places that everyone goes to in Chicago at some point or every weekend lol. It was super crowded, but we decided to take on the almost 2 hour wait for brunch. I thought the inside of the restaurant was cute and the service was pretty quick. I got a veggie omelet and a side of the specialty wildberry pancakes. It was all so filling, but I really loved the pancakes! I can see why people would wait for so long to have them!



I think this is my favorite restaurant in Chicago. I always get bibimbop because it is the only vegetarian thing on the menu besides fries, but I LOVE it so much. I love the mix of rice, veggies, and egg. It is so satisfying and flavorful. I would definitely recommend going there if you get a chance.

Revolution Brewing

I was hesitant to get anything when I went here because I am trying not to spend a whole lot of money here in Chicago (let me tell you, it feels impossible sometimes). Anyway,  I caved because I was told how amazing the veggie burger is at Revolution. And it was good! It was probably the best veggie burger I have ever had. The onions and the beets were so flavorful in and on the burger. I was stuffed afterwards, but it was worth it. Also, if you like beer, definitely check it out because the beer menu was huge.

The Hampton Social

The Hampton Social is another place you see on Instagram and it was on my Chicago checklist for the summer. I was so excited to go there and am happy I did. The actual restaurant was super cute and I felt so lucky to sit across from the classic rosé all day sign. I happened to be here during a pizza happy hour, so my margherita pizza was half off! I also got a glass of rosé because it seemed like the right drink to have. The pizza was huge and so tasty, and I didn’t hate the rosé (I’m not a wine person).


Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia isn’t just in Chicago, but it is my favorite dessert spot so far. You really can’t go wrong with the banana pudding. I haven’t tried the chocolate flavor yet, but I plan too. Also, loved the rainbow coloring for the month of June. 


Back at home, I go to get popsicles all the time, so I was definitely sad to leave my favorite treat for the summer. However, I tried out a place called Gordo’s which has popsicle/ice cream treats. I got berry with sprinkles on top and it was so refreshing. I want to try the mint and pistachio flavors next.


Cindy’s Rooftop

The view is the best part of this rooftop bar. It looks right onto Millennium Park which I never get tired of seeing. I feel like such a mature adult when I am here because everyone seems so professional and well-dressed. The drinks are super cute, but obviously expensive because it is a rooftop in Chicago. The Moscow mules are really good here and other drinks that I couldn’t tell you the name of are tasty too. Overall, cute drinks and a beautiful view.



5 thoughts on “Chicago Food Part 1”

  1. It all looks so good!! The photos are so good! Especially the one over looking the city. So neat and exciting I’m so happy that you are enjoying yourself and getting to try new things!

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