Right now I am a huge fan of bowls- burrito bowls, smoothie bowls, egg scramble bowls, or even your classic bowl of cereal.

My current favorite are sushi bowls. They are super simple to make, but you can also add extra veggies, etc. if you want. Also, I use instant rice because I’m a lazy college kid and the brown rice I have supposedly takes 45 minutes to cook.

There are a few ingredients you need, but aside from those, the bowls can be customized however you like! You HAVE to have rice (it can be brown or white, I usually use white because it seems more like sushi. I especially like Basmati rice.)

You also need sushi vinegar. I know they have it at larger grocery stores, but I get my at the market by my school. Sushi vinegar runs you about 3 dollars, but the bottle is huge and will last you!

Finally, you NEED seaweed. You can get it in the regular sheets like you are making actual sushi rolls or just get it in the little snack packs. I use the snack packs because they are easier to break up and put in the bowl.

Aside from the three star ingredients, you can add whatever you want. I am vegetarian so I am all about the veggies. I add avocado, cucumber, and carrots. I think asparagus or broccoli would be good in it too, but its up to you. You can also add fish or whatever protein if that is something you eat!

Once you have decided on/prepped ingredients its time to assemble. First add seaweed to the bottom of the bowl, then the rice, then the sushi vinegar. You need to mix all of those together, then you can add all of the other ingredients, including more seaweed!

Then ENJOY! Hope you guys will try these out because they make for a filling and semi-healthy meal! If you want anymore posts about the other types of bowls I like to make, leave a comment!


MUSIC of the Month

Hey time to talk about music I have been loving. Maybe you will find a new song/artist to listen to, or maybe we have some of the same music favs.

Anything country, I think the nicer weather is making it time for country music again.

  • “Summer Jam”- Jake Owen feat. Florida Georgia Line
  • all Zac Brown Band
  • “In the Dark”- Clayton Anderson
    • I had never really listened to him but he played 15 cent beer night at a bar at my school and he was great. The lesson here is always go to 15 cent beer night even if you hate beer because you could find a new favorite artist.
  • “Happy People”- Little Big Town
  • all Eli Young Band

Ed Sheeran- I can’t believe I am writing this because I have never been a fan, but my sister told me to try out his new album. I downloaded it and a lot of the songs are really good. Honestly, I still love “Shape of You” which is probably overplayed on the radio.

  • I also like Galway Girl, Castle on the Hill, and Eraser. Most of the songs are worth a listen though

“Helium”- Sia

  • I love her. All of her songs are amazing.

“Symphony”- Clean Bandit feat. Zara Larsson

  • Easily my favorite song right now










The Future

The future is scary. Lately it has been the only thing on my mind. Being a junior in college, the real world is closer than ever. I won’t be able to spend my days going to class, studying, applying for internships, hanging out with friends, or even going to the bar on a Wednesday night. I am not completely sure what I want to be when I grow up and I feel like maybe it’s too late to say that considering I feel pretty grown up. I have a lot of interests but don’t know if any of them will line up with a job I like. I wish I could work 40 hour weeks doing all of my job ideas at the same time so I would know, but obviously that is impossible. 

I’m interested in marketing and starting my own business. Those both line up with my majors but there are other things I may want to pursue. I think working for a non profit or doing something related to the community would be the most fufulling for me. I also think I would enjoy coaching a track or cross country team on the side. I would love to work with social media or even YouTube, but YouTube is more of a dream job that is not necessarily attainable. I would love to spend time living and working in a big city especially right out of college. I also think working in another country would be a great experience and allow me to grow/learn a lot. 

With all of that said, I am excited for the future that I think is so unclear and even scary right now. I’m excited to see where my career, my friendships, and adventures (hopefully lots of traveling) will take me!