Resolution Time

Every year, like many others, I make resolutions for the New Year. I do believe in making positive changes whenever you want and not waiting, but I always make them anyway. I think it is fun to have goals to work on throughout the year. And with many others making resolutions too, it is easier to have a support system/people challenging themselves or making changes at the same time.

I honestly don’t remember what goals I had last year, but I’m sure I blogged about it. This year I want to live a healthy life all around, body and mind. I want to have healthier hair, teeth (keep up with my flossing lol), and my entire body through choosing better foods and working out more regularly than I have the past couple of months. I want to prepare for a fast 5k as well. I haven’t raced since my half marathon last April and that is a very long time for a runner. So training hard for a shorter race will definitely motivate me and set me up for future races.

Finally, I want to be on my phone less. Sometimes I do like being on my phone if I have nothing to do or am waiting for a class to start, but I realized I could do many other things with that time. I claim I have no time to read books for fun, but with all the time I spend on my phone, I could be reading, or even writing/blogging! I want to spend less time on social media and more time with my friends, schoolwork, and enjoying everything the world has to offer.

If anyone has any book recommendations or wants to share their resolutions, leave them in the comments!! 🙂


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