20 Things I Learned at 20

I am almost 21 and wanted to share some things I learned while I was 20.

  1. You are always changing
  2. It is okay to stand up for yourself
  3. You are never too old for stuffed animals
  4. Friends come and go
  5. Having a boyfriend is fun
  6. School and your grades do not define you even if it seems like they do at times
  7. Never give up on the things you care about
  8. Webkinz is still fun and still around!!!
  9. We are all obsessed with our phones and we need to put them down sometimes
  10. Finance is super interesting (but I am still terrible at it)
  11. I want a pet bunny 
  12. Always be positive even when its hard to be
  13. It is okay to have a bad day or even week because life isn’t always perfect
  14. Smile at everyone
  15. Some people are mean, so always be kind to everyone
  16. Try your best to be patient
  18. My sister is my best friend 
  19. I can’t stand doing nothing or being alone and always need something to do
  20. Great friendships can withstand anything

20 was good to me, but I am looking forward to the adventures of 21

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