The Joy of Running

I saw this picture posted from Runner’s World on Facebook yesterday and it really made me evaluate the way I feel about running. I know I post on here all the time about running, how I am training for something or not running at the moment. I have been on all ends of the spectrum with running in the past year. But when I saw that post I was sad. I thought back to a few months ago when I would want to run often and run long every day. I thought maybe I had just lost my joy of running.

So a few hours later I went running. It was around 9pm and nice outside. It felt like old times. Running around campus, dying from being exhausted, and making myself sprint up the hills. I didn’t make it super far because I am in horrible shape, but I was so happy. I hadn’t lost the joy I experience when running. I have just been placing something I love on the back burner.

I don’t want to do that anymore because the feeling of running can change my entire day. Even the shortest of runs can have a huge impact on my mood and overall outlook on a day. It might be hard to get back to where I was, but living without something I love, especially since I have control when and how often I run, would never be worth it. I love running and cannot wait to be running often and running long.



Junior Year Randomness

Since I have been horrible at blogging lately, here are random things that I have done during my junior year of college so far.

  • Kanye West concert
  • Got a gnome for Connor and his roommates
  • Ordered breadsticks way too often and I’m gluten-free lol
  • Schoolboy Q concert
  • Went to Sushi Boss with Annie and Connor which is my favorite sushi place 
  • Took my ICore midterm exams
  • Went to my first career fair
  • Half price sushi with Connor
  • Tried Halo Top ice cream- real ice cream is way better
  • Spent too much time studying in the library 
  • Worked out listening to Hannah Montana 
  • Started running again which is never easy
  • Watched Zootopia and loved it especially the song at the end
  • Went to class in my pajamas 
  • Drank too much iced coffee- the pumpkin spice iced coffee is good and I thought it would be gross! 
  • Tailgates before football games
  • Got my tragus pierced, but it fell out mid-exam
  • Got my own Snuggle bear from Sun Products
  • Had my first actual interview for an internship
  • Finished Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders, and Narcos with Connor – I liked Peaky Blinders the best and I wouldn’t have expected that
  • Celebrated Lauren’s birthday with her
  • Didn’t go to capture the gnome- still sad about that
  • Decided I want a pet bunny 
  • Played intramural soccer even though we only had two actual games 
  • Beck concert
  • My mom and sister visited a couple times
  • Celebrated my Grandpa’s 80th birthday
  • Cooked pasta for the first time since college started
  • Finally turned in the form to show I completed my Spanish minor
  • Wore my suit way too often- a good and bad thing lol
  • Used my Target gift card to purchase a Care Bear onesie
  • Drank gross hot chocolate
  • Played ONE game of Uno for over an hour
  • Taught Connor how to swing dance
  • Found a dolphin sculpture at a party
  • Vlogged it all