Summer So Far

It has been a month or so since I last posted! I don’t really know where the summer has gone, but I am back on my blog today!

There are about 2 months of summer left because school doesn’t start back up until the end of August, which is awesome.

Things I have been doing since summer began:

  1. Summer school- I finished my accounting class and it was probably one of the best days of my entire summer. Annie and Connor surprised me after my final exam and we got sushi. It was great.
  2. Working- I like my jobs. Babysitting is the complete opposite of my desk job, so it is nice to switch between them every other day.
  3. Biking- I didn’t run quite as much at the beginning of summer. I think because I have always just made it such a priority , I just needed a break. Now I am not able to run as much, so of course I want to be running more, but biking is still fun and more of my friends like biking better than running.
  4. Going to concerts- I have gone to quite a few concerts this summer. About once a week or maybe 3 times each month I have gone to a show. I have seen Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, and others so far. And I have quite a few left that I am really excited for!
  5. Contracting poison ivy and being sick- I had poison ivy for about 3 weeks and didn’t sleep more than around 2-3 hours each night during that time. I never expected to become a coffee drinker because of poison ivy, but never say never I guess. I am very happy that it is gone though and I will be steering clear of the running trails I think I got it from. I spent a week being sick which was annoying for me and everyone around me because I am such a baby when I am sick and absolutely hate doing nothing. So I complained for a week, drank gallons of water, ate many McFlurries thanks to my sister, and watched every YouTube video ever made. The worst part of being sick was probably spending my favorite holiday (4th of July) in bed. The weather wasn’t super nice so that made me feel a little less sad about it. Sadly, I am not able to run for a bit, so I am so excited for when I can. Then training can begin for either a half marathon, or maybe a full. We will see how dedicated I am feeling haha.
  6. Drinking smoothies- I pretty much have a protein smoothie every morning. It would make more sense if I ran or something  before, but for now I will just pretend that I have been because they are so good. I use chocolate protein powder, spinach, ice, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a banana, and cocoa powder of cacao nibs depending on what I have at the time. It is so refreshing and probably decently healthy for you.
  7. Vlogging- Lauren and I have been keeping up with our YouTube channel by posting Summer Vlogs each week.
  8. .Watching YouTube- I really don’t like TV. It is pretty much official. I don’t watch Netflix, so I am probably weird, but I am always watching YouTube when I have some free time. I definitely recommend Summer Break 4, Aspyn + Parker, Daily Kailee, and Gretchen + Lucy. I pretty much only watch vlogs, which are the last three channels I listed, but Summer Break is more of a web series that follows teens around during the summer. Some of it seems staged, but they go cool places and get to do some interesting things, so I always tune in. There are three other seasons before, and I liked those better, so I recommend those as well.
  9. Listening to lots of music, mostly country
    1. Brett Eldredge- I don’t know why it took me so long to finally listen to his album, Illinois, from almost a year ago. I love every song, especially “Fire”, “Just a Taste”, and “Time Well Spent.”
    2. Zac Brown Band- always good
    3. Sia- I listened to her album This is Acting the whole week I was sick. I love “Unstoppable”, “Alive”, and “Move Your Body.”
    4. Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West- everything, because once again, they are always good
    5. I haven’t gotten a really good chance to listen to the Red Hot Chili Peppers new album, The Getaway, but from what I have been listening to so far, I know it is going to be a favorite of the summer.

This was such a long post, but it has been so long since I last wrote. Hopefully I will be back with more posts this summer!


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