Something to Remember 

Today I was babysitting my cousins and one of them said something that is really important to keep in mind. 

She said, “It’s great how there is always something to look forward to.” 

It’s kind of funny because we were talking about how I got poison ivy over the weekend and then she brought that up. But anyways… 

It was great hearing the things she looks forward to and something that I can look forward to. Also, it was nice that many of the things she listed were just ordinary things that occur all of the time. 

Some examples she gave… 

-During school she looks forward to summer

-I can look forward to not having poison ivy in a couple of weeks (where the conversation started)

-She gets to have a lemonade stand on Friday and Saturday 

I just wanted to share this little part of my day because it is a great thing to remember (and I was happy to hear it from my younger cousin- loved the positive attitude). 

There is always something to look forward to.