Half Marathon Complete

Earlier today I finished the half marathon I attempted training for. I can’t say that I stuck to my training plan very well, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

The two weeks leading up to the race were probably some of the lowest mileage weeks of my life, but I guess it kept my legs pretty rested up for today. I honestly just wanted to finish, but I had a secret goal to run it in an hour and forty minutes. I am happy to say that I literally ran it in an hour and forty.

It was pretty chilly out this morning, about 30 degrees, which wasn’t my favorite weather, but my legs were numb the whole time which was kind of nice. It was semi windy out which was so annoying because it was always windy during the uphill.

Overall, I had fun during the race. I felt amazing from miles 1 through 9, and then there was a giant hill that made me so tired for the last 4 miles. I was so surprised that I was keeping 7:30 to 7:50 pace for the first 9 miles, so I didn’t feel too upset at myself for slowing up at the end.

I was lucky to have some friends, my sister, and my parents to watch me. It made me more excited to get to the next mile because of the possibility of seeing them cheering me on. And one even ran with me for a bit to the end of the race.

My stomach felt awful  when I was done, so that was terrible, but at least it didn’t hurt too badly during the race. Worst part of that was that I wasn’t hungry for the breakfast I ordered. Doing nothing the rest of the day and taking a nap cured me though.

I can’t decide if I want to do another half in May. I think it would be fun. It would be warmer which I like. And I have run it before and it is way flatter, so that is a possibility. If not, I plan to train for a full marathon in the future, but will probably get back to 5ks for awhile.

7 thoughts on “Half Marathon Complete”

  1. Congratulations! 7:30 pace? Damn your fast😳 I did a lot wrong my first half marathon but I hope to do as well as you did on this one:) good job again, that’s impressive:))

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