I Love…

  1. Laughing so hard that I cry
  2. Smiling at strangers really big
  3. Walking home from class at night
  4. Being with my friends
  5. Coming home from college and seeing my family
  6. Walking and talking with my dog
  7. Knowing it is going to rain every Thursday
  8. When I feel like I could run forever
  9. Laughing at my own jokes
  10. How fruit is actually affordable during the spring and summer
  11. Starting and ending my day with oatmeal
  12. When my mom comes to visit me at school
  13. Singing to music all night with my roommate
  14. Remembering what I wore on pretty much every occasion
  15. Thinking about how fun my childhood was
  16. Seeing people I know in public
  17. Perfect high fives
  18. Listening to music from my middle school days
  19. Taking Facebook quizzes
  20. Vlogging in public
  21. Complimenting people
  22. When people say they have seen me running
  23. Wearing giant tie dye shirts
  24. Going to bed in freshly washed sheets
  25. Staying well hydrated
  26. Being happy

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