Everyone Should Vlog

As some of you know, I have a YouTube channel with my roommate. We post vlogs each week and random videos as we film them. It is one of my favorite hobbies. I love filming my life and editing the videos. I wish everyone had a channel because I am probably way too curious as to what other people do each day.

Here are some super convincing reasons as to why everyone should have a vlog channel

  1. You have all of your favorite memories on video and it is really fun to go back and watch the older videos
  2. People may enjoy watching your videos
  3. It is like having your own TV show and YouTube is way more entertaining than TV anyways
  4. You can just talk to your phone/camera if you ever get lonely
  5. You get to know other people on YouTube through the comments and watching other people’s videos
  6. It is another way to share your ideas/lives with others
  7. It can inspire you to be more adventurous or do something fun each week



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