The Importance of Happiness 

Sometimes it is really hard to find a reason to be happy. There are bad days, times when you just have negative feelings about yourself, or let other emotions get in the way. I know that happens to me all the time, but replacing all of that with a positive outlook or by doing things you enjoy, happiness is so much easier. And it is important because it keeps us striving for more and living life to its fullest.

I don’t think there is such thing as a bad day. If one positive thing happens or you are able to make someone’s day a little better, then those good moments should trump the things that went wrong. It’s so important to end each day on a positive note, whether that is by doing something that makes you happy or reflecting on the good things about the day.

By keeping the positives in mind and spreading happiness to others, you will find that you are an overall happier person. Once you make the choice to see things in a more positive light, even things that are hard or bad become easier to overcome.

Finding what truly makes you happy doesn’t happen overnight. But working towards happiness is important every day. So I encourage everyone to do something that they love every day. I try to make sure that I do and it always helps me to see the good and not put so much focus on the negative things that happen in life.

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