Half Marathon Training Part 4

I am loving training right now. The weather is just putting me in the mood to run and making it so much easier to get outside and running long. It also might be because of spring break and having more time to run. I was a little behind in my training as of my last post, but I am feeling much more positive, excited, and confident in my training now.

I have been getting my longer runs in and incorporating more speed work into my runs. I have been enjoying the quicker runs more than I thought I would, so that is a nice bonus. Hills have also become a bigger part of my training because I need to be prepared for the hills during the race. I actually don’t mind hills. They will end eventually, so I figure the faster I run up them, the sooner they are over. In general, I have just been having run after run where I don’t want to stop.

I have been experimenting with different things these past couple weeks. I have been switching up the times of day that I run because that makes it more interesting. 9pm was a typical time for me to run during spring break. I have the most energy at night, so I guess that later runs are a good way to get me to fall asleep, but I will always prefer completing my runs in the morning.

I have also been switching up the shoes I run in. I had been running in an older pair of running shoes because I hated my new ones, but sadly my older ones are too worn out to wear anymore (probably good because they had way too many miles on them). I kind of refuse to wear my new ones, so I have just been wearing them for a couple runs a week. On the other days, I have been experimenting with free runs. I have a lot of free runs and don’t get a lot of use out of some of the more colorful ones, so I have been running in them. I am sure it is not the best for me, but it is actually way easier to run in them. They are way lighter and I just feel much faster in them. I ran 9 miles in them one day and was fine after, so I think I will keep my experiment going until my body wants me to stop wearing them.

I have changed up my music yet again. I get bored of songs way to fast I think. Right now “Crazy Kids” by Ke$ha and “No Puedo Mas” by Pitbull are taking over my runs. I think I listened to the Pitbull one for 30 minutes of one of my runs, which might be a little excessive, but it is so catchy.


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