My Favorite Things Right Now

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite things that I have either just discovered or I hardly go a day without. Maybe you will want to try some of the things out or also have some of these things on your list.

#1 Extra peppermint gum- I always have gum with me and this is the best flavor/brand. I have not found gum that lasts as long as this one does.  

#2 iPod shuffle- I have no idea how people can run with their phone. That is just too much, so at that point I would not listen to music at all. I like having my music all shuffled up and the iPod is so tiny that it doesn’t annoy me when I run.

#3 Quest protein bars- I don’t know why I pay almost 3 dollars for these things, but they are so good! I feel like they are a little controversial, but I love them. Cookie dough and cookies & cream are my two favorites right now.  

#4 When people say thank you- I think it is so important to say thank you, even for the littlest gestures. I always want people to know that I appreciate them and in general it is a nice thing to hear.

#5 My gray high tops- I never thought I would like them as much as I do, but they pretty much match everything and are way more comfy than my other Converse for some reason. 

#6 Double Chocolate Overnight Oats- I have been eating this nonstop for breakfast since I tried it. I got the recipe off Pinterest and it is so good and filling. All you need is almond milk, oats, cocoa powder, chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, and chocolate chips (optional). Mix all of the ingredients up the night before, microwave it, and you have a delicious breakfast (or dessert).  

#7 Light pink nail polish- I just love light pink and it is a nice spring color.

#8 My gnome- This might be a little weird, but I have a gnome in my apartment and it is just so cute. I am always adding it into my photos.  

#9 The weather- It has gotten a lot warmer here. It has been great for running and just not freezing in general.

What is one of your go-to items right now? 

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