Spring Break in Miami? 

It is the first weekend of my spring break! I am just at home for the week so to kick off the week, my sister and our friend went to see one of their best friends at Miami of Ohio.

I was all for the 2 hour drive because I love driving. It was the perfect ride to her school, there was not one moment of traffic, and we made a couple stops along the way.

First stop was a giant candle store. Apparently people stop there a lot on their way because people at Miami knew what we were talking about. There were 100s of candles in every scent you could imagine. I am not sure who buys all of the candles, but they seemed pretty nice and smelled delicious.  


I even found a mini lotion there that I used to have when I was little, so I obviously bought it in honor of my childhood memories.

Then we stopped at a covered bridge we saw from the road. It was really cool and I took lots of photos of my sister and her best friend because I love to take photos.

Once we made it to Miami, I did a pristine parallel park, and then we got some sandwiches. I rarely have them because most places don’t have gluten-free bread, but they did, so I was pretty excited. I had never put guac on a sandwich before, but I did, and it was an excellent choice. We walked through the downtown area and went to some little shops along the way. The campus was really nice and pretty much in the middle of nowhere so that made it even better.

I love visiting other colleges, and want keep visiting as many as possible. I spend so much time at my own so it is cool to see the other towns, campuses, my friends, and meet new people. However, none of them ever compare to my own.


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