Home For Spring Break: Things To Do 

I am not going anywhere but home from my college for spring break. As much as I would love to be going somewhere warm, where I can have a view as pretty as the picture on this post (from spring break last year), I am excited to have a week without schoolwork. I see a spring break at home as the perfect time to relax, get organized, and to go on mini adventures or trips. 

These are some super easy ideas of things to do over spring break! I will probably be doing many of these things. 

– catch up on sleep

– see friends or family members you haven’t seen lately

– walk your dog 

– ride your bike somewhere 

– go shopping 

– clean your room 

– set goals for after break 

– read 

– try out a new restaurant 

– do outdoor activities (run, ride your bike, hike, etc.)

– explore a park 

– take a mini road trip to somewhere an hour or two away 

– have a photoshoot with friends

– volunteer 

– try out a new recipe 

– blog 

– get rid of things you don’t want anymore (donate old clothes, etc.) 

– take advantage of home cooked meals

– find new music to listen to 

Hope everyone has a great spring break or spring in general! 

What are you doing for spring break?

What is your favorite thing to do when you are at home for a break? 

What are you most excited about for spring? 

4 thoughts on “Home For Spring Break: Things To Do ”

  1. My Spring Break will be spent doing deep cleaning, carting my girls to their friends’ houses & having their friends over, and managing my girls and their deep cleaning of their rooms and their bathroom. I’d rather go somewhere fabulous too! At least I’ll get caught up on reading, TV, and rest, like you said. Happy break!

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  2. My plans for spring break include working back at home, but at least it’s at an ice cream shop 🙂 I’m looking forward to snuggling with my dogs and cat, sleeping in my own bed, and having my mom’s cooking. Have a great break!

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