My Perfect Running Playlist

I am always listening to music when I run nowadays. I need something to do, especially when I am stuck inside running on super cold or rainy days. These are some of my favorite songs to listen to. They aren’t all upbeat and motivational, but I need a slower song to run to every now and then. Plus, I just really like some of these songs, so running gives me a reason to listen to them.

  1. “Fly With Me” by The Jonas Brothers- Pretty much makes me feel like I’m flying when I run.
  2. “Fight For You” by Jason Derulo- This one is perfect for when I am mentally ready to stop running because it keeps me motivated to continue running.
  3. “Gold Forever” by The Wanted- This song is positive and makes any bad day better, so it can definitely make any bad run better.
  4. “For My Sake” by Shinedown- This song just makes me speed up a lot no matter how tired I am.
  5. “Hell & Back” by Kid Ink- I used to listen to this before every cross country meet in high school, so it will always be on my playlist.
  6. “Nobody Told Me” by B.o.B.- This song keeps the a nice pace for a longer run. It doesn’t make you want to slow down dramatically or sprint as fast as you can.
  7. “Halfway There” by Big Time Rush- It is a perfect song to listen to during the halfway point of your run.
  8. “Rooftops” by Wiz Khalifa- No idea why I like listening to this when I run, but it is great to sing along to.
  9. “W.T.P.” by Eminem- I don’t think any running playlist is complete without Eminem. For some reason this is my go-to right now when it comes to Eminem.
  10. “Just Over” by Luke Bryan- I use this song as an opportunity to slow my pace down a little bit.
  11. “Angel” by The Weeknd- This song is pretty long so it is a nice distraction and helps the time go by seemingly faster.
  12. “Backseat Freestyle” by Kendrick Lamar- I will always just love this song.
  13. “Club Can’t Handle Me” by Flo Rida- I have never made a playlist without him on it. Plus the song is upbeat and makes me feel like I have energy, even if I don’t.

Add these songs to your phone, iPod, or whatever you like to run with and you will most likely have the best run ever.

What are your favorite songs to workout or run to?

3 thoughts on “My Perfect Running Playlist”

  1. I’ve already downloaded some:) Also, I thought it was funny that you posted this because I already had a playlist blog lined up for this week!


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