What I Learned My Sophomore Year of College: Part II

1. Pinterest isn’t actually weird. It’s very entertaining. It is an unusual day if I don’t go on Pinterest.

2. How to make queso.. It’s really easy – Velveeta and Rotel

3. How to make even better queso…even easier – cottage cheese & salsa

4. I am going to start a business

5. Yoga is decently relaxing

6. You can’t always put others ahead of yourself

7. How to edit photos

8. YouTube is the best form of entertainment

9. I like talking in my Snap Chat stories

10. It is possible to keep up with macroeconomics reading

11. I am the next Bachelorette…Just kidding but that would be so fun/funny

12. I actually love Facebook

13. Cocoa Pebbles go great on frozen yogurt

14. I feel best when I eat healthy foods

15. Accounting is hard, so shout out to all the accountants out there

16. Clementines are the perfect thing to keep in your pocket

17. I miss all of the music I listened to in middle school

18. I am going to start a business

19. Bradley is the best girl name ever

20. Checking things off my to-do list is one of the best feelings ever

21. I still like math, just not accounting

22. It is possible to do very little work and still succeed in Spanish classes

23. The stair master could be a lot more challenging

24. I should really write down my dreams so I can remember them/laugh at them in the morning

25. I like to be busy, except on Sunday

26. I miss having time to read books that aren’t my textbooks



2 thoughts on “What I Learned My Sophomore Year of College: Part II”

    1. I kind of want to open a store that sells customizable cereal. I’m not sure how well that would work, but is sounds fun and I would love going to a place like that. And training is going decently well. I have lots of long runs to get in still which is a little scary! Thanks for asking! 🙂

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