Documenting My College Life

As I have mentioned before, I started a YouTube channel with my roommate/best friend, Lauren. It has become one of my favorite hobbies. We basically just film whatever we do each week. I love it because I will always have all of the memories to look back on. And I can see how things have changed or stayed the same since the video was made. Vlogging also gives us a reason to do more adventurous or different things with our time, so the videos aren’t super boring to watch.

Our channel only has a small number of viewers, but it is cool knowing someone enjoys watching the videos each week. We are going to stick to vlogging for the next couple years of college and maybe even longer than that. I feel like it is a hobby that will only get more fun in the future.

Definitely check out our channel if you are ever bored and let me know who you like to watch on YouTube!

Our channel: Ellie & Lauren



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