The Best Kind of Days 

The best kind of days are the days when… 

You wake up rested and with a positive mindset 

You get to see the sunrise or a beautiful view from your window 

The morning is warm (relative to the current season) but just cold enough to wake you up even more 

Class is engaging and you are enjoying what you are learning or at least retaining all of the information 

You smile, laugh, and talk with the people around you 

The sky is so blue that it looks like summer even if it is winter 

Something surprising happens that shows you that things will fall into place and that one negative thing doesn’t mean everything is against you  

You see your closest friends or family members 

You do something you are passionate about or take time for your hobbies

You have one of your favorite meals or snacks 

Homework seems easy and is almost fun (using the word fun very lightly here) 

You laugh until you cry 

You take time to reflect on your life and work towards your goals

You can check things off of your to do list 

You have time to relax and do as close to nothing as you want 

You feel more thankful than ever for everything in your life 

You feel like you did something productive at least once that day

You get to lay in bed at the end of the day thinking about how amazing life is and how excited you are to do it all over again 

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