Cottage Cheese Take Over 

As I have mentioned a million times throughout my blog, I love cottage cheese. It goes with everything in my opinion. I wanted to share some of the ways I have added it to my meals because it has the potential to be a part of every meal, sweet or savory. 

The most classic way for me to have cottage cheese is with vegetables and/or brown rice. It makes a great sauce, almost like macaroni and cheese when paired with rice. And the cold temperature of the cottage cheese with the warm rice or vegetables is perfect. 

Cottage cheese mixed with salsa is one of my recent favorites. The combination is basically a healthier version of queso. I dip either tortilla chips or carrots in it. Sometimes spinach too. I would definitely recommend it if you need to take care of a queso craving. 

Cottage cheese and peanut butter is something I tried just the other day and it tasted surprisingly good. 

Cottage cheese as a salad dressing is another classic. Sprinkle some avocado and blueberries on top and it’s a perfect salad. 

Cottage cheese pancakes are my favorite breakfast. It is a great way to add lots of protein to something that is usually primarily carbs. Blend cottage cheese, rolled oats, vanilla, cinnamon, egg whites, honey, and baking powder and you have a perfect pancake (I have definitely posted this recipe with exact measurements in a prior blog – “My Favortie Recipes”). 

Pasta isn’t complete without cottage cheese. I like to top my spaghetti squash or regular pasta with some marinara sauce and cottage cheese. 

Oatmeal also tastes great with cottage cheese on top. I recommend putting it on maple or cinnamon oatmeal. The cottage cheese really helps cool down freshly made oatmeal and makes the texture of the oatmeal even weirder. The same goes for scrambled eggs. 

There are endless possibilities for cottage cheese in my opinion, but these are just some of the best I have tried so far. 

Be sure to let me know if I am missing out on any other cottage cheese recipes. 

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