My Grocery Cart

I actually love grocery shopping. My roommate and I love going to Kroger every couple weeks to stock up on the necessities. I thought I would share some the foods I always buy when I go to the store. I usually stick to the same types of foods because they are vegetarian and gluten free and semi inexpensive. 

I get most of my food from the produce and dairy sections because those sections provide me with almost all of the food I eat.

I always get apples, carrots, and bananas. Clementines, spinach, and sweet potatoes also end up in my cart. I incorporate most of these things into my meals each day or as snacks. I like to keep a clementine in my jacket pocket in case I get hungry in class. During the summer I always get way more produce, but during the winter I can’t get myself to spend 4 dollars per each pound of grapes. 

Cottage cheese, yogurt, and eggs are my main sources of protein beyond my protein powder and protein bars. I always get small curd cottage cheese. It is packed with protein and is usually on a great sale. I get both vanilla and plain Greek yogurt. I like both a lot and they each mix well with different things like granola, fruit, or peanut butter. Everyone buys eggs I feel like. They make for a great weekend breakfast or late night snack. 

Other things I always like to add to my cart are frozen vegetables, powdered peanut butter, salsa, and protein bars. Frozen vegetables have made my meals so much better. I top them off with some cottage cheese, spinach, and freshly ground pepper, and I have an amazing dinner. They are also pretty cheap at around 1 dollar per package. And you can get a few servings out of each. Powdered peanut butter is the best. I mix it into everything so I am always needing to restock. My roommate introduced me to salsa on my scrambled eggs so that is the sole reason I buy salsa. And finally protein bars are a must. They are easy for me to take to class as a quick meal or snack. I don’t love that they are so expensive, at least the ones I like, but I do like them so I do let myself buy them. 

Those are the foods that I fill my cart with. When I am not at school, my shopping cart tends to have a few more things in it. All of the things I buy are versatile, healthy, and fairly inexpensive for my college budget!

Where do you grocery shop and what are your staple groceries?


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