Half Marathon Training Part 1 

To start 2016, I signed up for a half marathon. I have done one before, but I didn’t train for it outside of the runs I usually did in high school. This time around I am going to stick to a training schedule as best as I can and make sure I get all of my long runs in. I also want to be better prepared for this race because it is going to involve a lot more hills and will not be nearly as easy as the other one I ran.

I thought it would be fun to document how each week of training goes… so this will be Part 1.

I am using a training plan from Runners World because it looked like it would fit my schedule best and I knew I would have time for the runs each day. The plan starts out with lower mileage than I have been running, but I figured it would be nice to have a few shorter weeks before logging 10 mile long runs again.

Week 1: This week was so easy and it didn’t feel like I was training for a half marathon. My paces were fast enough to be ready for a 5k which is fun, but also a problem I have been having with my runs lately. I love sprinting my 3 and 4 mile runs, so I am definitely going to need to work on slowing down so I don’t burn out in the middle of my longer runs.

Week 2: I got new shoes the week prior and my custom inserts were not liking my new shoes. So I got blisters on the bottom of my feet where I could barely walk. So while my feet got better, I took about a week off from running and stuck with the StairMaster. I personally love it. I don’t like the elliptical at all, and I biked so much in high school that it isn’t as fun for me anymore, so the StairMaster was my cardio workout for week 2 of training. I usually do it in addition to some of my runs each week, so it was the best possible option after running.

Week 3: My feet are better now, so I was able to actually run. For some reason I was worried I would fall back in my training, but it is still really easy and the runs aren’t very long. I actually feel refreshed and definitely missed running. My focus this week was on slowing down my runs regardless of how far I was going. It worked out pretty well. I still ran hard at the end of my runs because I like to do that, but overall, I made sure my paces were a bit slower.

At this point, I feel really excited for my half marathon and look forward to my runs each day… except for the fact I have been running inside lately because it is so cold. One can only run so many laps on the indoor track, but it is better than the treadmill.

I will be doing more update posts as the weeks go on and be sure to comment about any races you are training for or what your running/fitness goals are!  Half marathon tips would be greatly appreciated as well!

2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Part 1 ”

  1. Good Luck with your training! I ran a half marathon once too, threw up after lolz, but would definitely do it again, hopefully next summer:) Again, good luck:)

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