Keep Dreaming 

I am a dreamer. I am always thinking of new goals and things that I want to do in life. Some of them are easy to accomplish and other people see that they are possible. Other things seem a bit more unattainable and that’s fine. It’s important to set goals. Realistic and unrealistic. It is fun to think about all of life’s possibilities even if some of them may never happen. 

I used to want to be a Disney Channel star. I don’t think about it as much anymore and never did anything about it, but if the opportunity ever presented itself, I would definitely be up for it. 

I think the difference between my big dreams then and now is that I am actually going after them. 

I want a good job so I am in college to prepare for that job. I also want to love my job so I am trying each day to find aspects of business that interest me. 

I want to run for the rest of my life for fun and in races. Therefore I signed up and started my training for a half marathon and smile/sing along to my music when I run.  

I want to be successful in YouTube. It may sound silly but I have been watching a certain group of Youtubers forever and finally have a channel that I share with my best friend. We are putting a lot of effort into it and uploading each week. We may not have the best quality videos possible or amazing editing skills but we are putting our videos out there and trying our best. 

There are so many other things I want to do and some of them branch off of the things listed above. I think any of them are possible and that is so amazing to me. 

Dreaming about the future and actually working towards it is so much fun and makes each day even better. The future holds so many fun opportunities and the possibilities are endless for the things you could accomplish in life. 

So overall I am trying to say that you should never stop dreaming even if your aspirations seem silly to other people. You never know what can happen when you think about and work hard for something you want to do. 

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