My Grocery Cart

I actually love grocery shopping. My roommate and I love going to Kroger every couple weeks to stock up on the necessities. I thought I would share some the foods I always buy when I go to the store. I usually stick to the same types of foods because they are vegetarian and gluten free and semi inexpensive. 

I get most of my food from the produce and dairy sections because those sections provide me with almost all of the food I eat.

I always get apples, carrots, and bananas. Clementines, spinach, and sweet potatoes also end up in my cart. I incorporate most of these things into my meals each day or as snacks. I like to keep a clementine in my jacket pocket in case I get hungry in class. During the summer I always get way more produce, but during the winter I can’t get myself to spend 4 dollars per each pound of grapes. 

Cottage cheese, yogurt, and eggs are my main sources of protein beyond my protein powder and protein bars. I always get small curd cottage cheese. It is packed with protein and is usually on a great sale. I get both vanilla and plain Greek yogurt. I like both a lot and they each mix well with different things like granola, fruit, or peanut butter. Everyone buys eggs I feel like. They make for a great weekend breakfast or late night snack. 

Other things I always like to add to my cart are frozen vegetables, powdered peanut butter, salsa, and protein bars. Frozen vegetables have made my meals so much better. I top them off with some cottage cheese, spinach, and freshly ground pepper, and I have an amazing dinner. They are also pretty cheap at around 1 dollar per package. And you can get a few servings out of each. Powdered peanut butter is the best. I mix it into everything so I am always needing to restock. My roommate introduced me to salsa on my scrambled eggs so that is the sole reason I buy salsa. And finally protein bars are a must. They are easy for me to take to class as a quick meal or snack. I don’t love that they are so expensive, at least the ones I like, but I do like them so I do let myself buy them. 

Those are the foods that I fill my cart with. When I am not at school, my shopping cart tends to have a few more things in it. All of the things I buy are versatile, healthy, and fairly inexpensive for my college budget!

Where do you grocery shop and what are your staple groceries?



Half Marathon Training Part 1 

To start 2016, I signed up for a half marathon. I have done one before, but I didn’t train for it outside of the runs I usually did in high school. This time around I am going to stick to a training schedule as best as I can and make sure I get all of my long runs in. I also want to be better prepared for this race because it is going to involve a lot more hills and will not be nearly as easy as the other one I ran.

I thought it would be fun to document how each week of training goes… so this will be Part 1.

I am using a training plan from Runners World because it looked like it would fit my schedule best and I knew I would have time for the runs each day. The plan starts out with lower mileage than I have been running, but I figured it would be nice to have a few shorter weeks before logging 10 mile long runs again.

Week 1: This week was so easy and it didn’t feel like I was training for a half marathon. My paces were fast enough to be ready for a 5k which is fun, but also a problem I have been having with my runs lately. I love sprinting my 3 and 4 mile runs, so I am definitely going to need to work on slowing down so I don’t burn out in the middle of my longer runs.

Week 2: I got new shoes the week prior and my custom inserts were not liking my new shoes. So I got blisters on the bottom of my feet where I could barely walk. So while my feet got better, I took about a week off from running and stuck with the StairMaster. I personally love it. I don’t like the elliptical at all, and I biked so much in high school that it isn’t as fun for me anymore, so the StairMaster was my cardio workout for week 2 of training. I usually do it in addition to some of my runs each week, so it was the best possible option after running.

Week 3: My feet are better now, so I was able to actually run. For some reason I was worried I would fall back in my training, but it is still really easy and the runs aren’t very long. I actually feel refreshed and definitely missed running. My focus this week was on slowing down my runs regardless of how far I was going. It worked out pretty well. I still ran hard at the end of my runs because I like to do that, but overall, I made sure my paces were a bit slower.

At this point, I feel really excited for my half marathon and look forward to my runs each day… except for the fact I have been running inside lately because it is so cold. One can only run so many laps on the indoor track, but it is better than the treadmill.

I will be doing more update posts as the weeks go on and be sure to comment about any races you are training for or what your running/fitness goals are!  Half marathon tips would be greatly appreciated as well!


Keep Dreaming 

I am a dreamer. I am always thinking of new goals and things that I want to do in life. Some of them are easy to accomplish and other people see that they are possible. Other things seem a bit more unattainable and that’s fine. It’s important to set goals. Realistic and unrealistic. It is fun to think about all of life’s possibilities even if some of them may never happen. 

I used to want to be a Disney Channel star. I don’t think about it as much anymore and never did anything about it, but if the opportunity ever presented itself, I would definitely be up for it. 

I think the difference between my big dreams then and now is that I am actually going after them. 

I want a good job so I am in college to prepare for that job. I also want to love my job so I am trying each day to find aspects of business that interest me. 

I want to run for the rest of my life for fun and in races. Therefore I signed up and started my training for a half marathon and smile/sing along to my music when I run.  

I want to be successful in YouTube. It may sound silly but I have been watching a certain group of Youtubers forever and finally have a channel that I share with my best friend. We are putting a lot of effort into it and uploading each week. We may not have the best quality videos possible or amazing editing skills but we are putting our videos out there and trying our best. 

There are so many other things I want to do and some of them branch off of the things listed above. I think any of them are possible and that is so amazing to me. 

Dreaming about the future and actually working towards it is so much fun and makes each day even better. The future holds so many fun opportunities and the possibilities are endless for the things you could accomplish in life. 

So overall I am trying to say that you should never stop dreaming even if your aspirations seem silly to other people. You never know what can happen when you think about and work hard for something you want to do. 


2016: The Year of Spinach

If you read my last post about my 2016 goals, you would know that I want to incorporate more spinach into my meals this year.

So far, I would say it is going pretty well. Spinach pretty much matches all foods in my opinion, but that is also coming from someone who puts cottage cheese on just about anything.

I wanted to share how I am adding more spinach into my meals each day. Some of them are pretty obvious, but they are all super delicious.

  1. Smoothies- I would say it is pretty common to add greens to your smoothies. It was a pretty big trend in 2015. I like to add blueberries, a banana, almond milk, and spinach to my smoothies. Sometimes I will add vanilla protein powder if it is after a run or a work out.
  2. Eggs- Adding spinach to your eggs is super easy and it can help you pack a lot of spinach into your diet as it loses some volume as you cook it. I add some salsa to top it off and it makes a great breakfast, or any meal for that matter.
  3. Salads- This is probably the most obvious because salads are literally spinach or other greens, but I like to decorate my salads differently than most people. I top my spinach salads with blueberries, avocado, tomato, olives or broccoli or peas (if I have any), and cottage cheese as a dressing. It is so tasty and packed with protein, iron, healthy fats, and antioxidants.

Those are the three main ways I find myself incorporating spinach into my diet, other than just eating it by itself. I will definitely be trying out new smoothie and salad recipes using spinach as the year goes on!

Let me know how you incorporate spinach into the foods you make/eat.


2016 Goals

2016 will be the best year ever, so I am super excited. I have a few goals for the new year. They are pretty easy goals, but definitely important to me.

  1. Eat more spinach. I love spinach and at school I don’t find myself having it as much. It is really good for you and the iron in it is definitely good for me as a runner. I have already had lots of spinach this year in my smoothies and salads!
  2. Have my best running year ever. Whether that means faster, farther, or both, I know that my passion for and dedication to running will help me run better than ever.
  3. Get my best college grades so far. I want to find something that interests me in each of my classes, even if I don’t love the classes. I want to make sure my grades are a good reflection of everything I learned.
  4. Blog more. I want to continue blogging because it is one of the best things that came out of 2015. I want blogging to be a hobby that I make time for because I love writing and sharing my ideas.

Comment and let me know what your goals are for 2016!

2016 is/ is going to be great!