Running My Life

Running has been one of the main things that has shaped the person I am today. I believe running has the ability to take you anywhere, literally and because of what it teaches you.

Running has taught me so many things over the years.

Running taught me to be determined. You have to set goals in running, just like in life. You have to train hard and never let obstacles prevent you from getting where you need to go.

Running taught me honesty. You know you are having a bad running day and you have to be honest with yourself. Sometimes that means switching up your training, taking a break, or running even harder. You can’t be afraid or embarrassed of where you are in running and the same goes for life. Being honest about where you are allows you to figure out how you are going to get to the next level.

Running taught me patience. You don’t get fast, reach all of your goals, etc. over night. It is a long process. The same goes for everything in life. You cannot expect anything to happen right away.

Running taught me accountability. You have to be accountable for your training, otherwise you may not reach your goals. In life, you have to be accountable for your actions and own up to what you do and don’t do.

Running taught to be more appreciative. You drop one second in a race and it is a huge deal. Running taught me to appreciate even the smallest victories. It is important to appreciate the little things in life too.

Running taught me to be mentally strong. You can’t be broken down by one little failure or the physical pain that running can cause. Your attitude and mindset can shape every aspect of your life.

Running taught me positivity. It is important to go into races and training with positive thoughts and the visualization of the best possible outcome. If you took the necessary steps to get where you are, there is no reason to have a negative attitude about how things will turn out.

Overall, running taught me to go the extra mile in everything in life and that putting all of my effort and more into things is important in finding success.


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