Living in the Present

Sometimes I hear myself saying or catch myself thinking that I can’t wait for a certain day or for the current day to be over. Sure, some days are bad and we all just want to fast forward, but many times I think it is just because we are lazy and want to be past all of the work we have to do. Or we are scared or nervous for something that is happening that day.

We all say those kinds of things but it doesn’t show very much positivity. It is not living in the moment and being thankful for the current day. 

Those challenges or not so fun things that we want to fast forward through are an important part of life and something we will always have to encounter. It is important to live in the moment and prepare for the future by what you are doing in the present. 

Today I was thinking about how excited I am for it to be the end of the day on Tuesday because I have a big presentation and I don’t love giving presentations, but ultimately, I have a great opportunity to talk to my class about something I have done a lot of research on. I shouldn’t want to move past that. I should embrace the opportunity and prepare to give a great presentation. 

Life is happening right now and regardless of what is going on, it doesn’t show much positivity to want to just get a few days of your life over with, because each day is a new opportunity. 

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