Speak Positivity 

Your word choice and the way you speak can impact your outlook on things. Saying things in a positive way is so important. It emphasizes that you believe in the best possible outcome.

Recently I was texting someone and they were suggesting something we could do this weekend. I was about to reply “I’m down for that” and then it hit me… I could phrase that in a much more positive way. Of course “I’m down for that” isn’t really negative, but I decided “I’m up for that” was a better choice. When someone is “down” they are usually sad. I think “up” is more associated with being excited or positive.

I have also noticed myself saying “I don’t love that” instead of “I hate that” or something along those lines.  Clearly, “I don’t love that” isn’t super positive, but at the same time it kind of is. Love is a very strong word, but in a positive way, so by saying that I don’t love something, it doesn’t mean I don’t like it at all… I would just prefer something else.  Hate is also a very strong word, but extremely negative. People don’t question whether you might like it, because it doesn’t even point to that possiblity.  I hope that made sense.  It makes sense in my mind.

Anyway, little things, like a one word difference in a response or comment can have impact. It is really cool how words can make things seemingly more positive.  I am always noticing the way people word things and whether I associate their words with something positive or negative.

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