Things I Am Thankful For

With Thanksgiving coming up I thought it would be appropriate to make a giant list of anything that comes to mind that I am thankful for. I may not like the food on Thanksgiving, but I do love being thankful for how wonderful my life is.

1. My family

2. My friends

3. Daisy… She is part of my family but also deserves her own number on the list

4. College & Kelley

5. My apartment/ my house

6. My rain jacket

7. Apples, cottage cheese, protein bars, and sweet potatoes

8. YouTube

9. My lack of Friday classes

10. Running

11. Warm clothes

12. Socks

13. Ellen DeGeneres

14. Sunshine

15. My graphing calculator

16. Kroger

17. Back on My Feet

18. Concerts

19. Laughing until I cry

20. My hula hoop

21. My retainer

22. Pictures hanging on the walls

23. Country music

24. Dark chocolate covered blueberries

25. Regular blueberries

26. My watch

27. Chamomile tea

28. Vlogging

29. Blogging

30. My water bottle

31. Perfect high fives

32. One Direction

33. Spanish classes

34. Spanish music

35. Frozen vegetables

36. Freedom

37. Giant t-shirts

38. My blender

39. Glow sticks

40. The view I have from my room

41. Cows

42. The library

43. The notes app on my phone

44. The beach

45. The colorful leaves in the fall

46. My acquaintances

47. Group messages

48. Teachers who have assignments due on Fridays so I don’t have to do them on the weekend

49. My suit

50. Positivity

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