What I Learned My Sophomore Year of College: Part I

Up to this point, my sophomore year of college has been the best year of my life. Everyday I wake up thankful, happy, and excited for my life. My attitude is 100 times better than it was last year at this time. I enjoy the new challenges and adventures that I get to encounter each day. These are some of the things I have learned so far this year…

  1. Living with your best friend will not make you hate each other.  I know people always say don’t live with your best friend from high school in college.  But right now, I am living with one of my best friends from high school and I couldn’t be happier.  Maybe that “rule” only applies when you are a freshman, but anyways I think it was a great decision.
  2. Having academic goals and fun goals make for a good balance between school and fun.  Sometimes the only way I get through the papers or studying is because I know I will get to accomplish one of my fun goals afterwards.
  3. Ice cream is not as good as I remember, but I don’t need to give it up for life.
  4. Smiling makes everything better.  And even if you are mad and fake smiling, it makes you smile later because you think about what a great actor/actress you are.  But seriously, smiling does help and everyone looks better with a smile on their face.
  5. Walmart carries some of the most stylish clothes.
  6. You don’t become an amazing chef once you live on your own, outside of the dorms. It is so hard to get yourself to cook anything that takes more than 10 minutes, either because you are lazy or starving.
  7. Sweet potatoes are the best. I don’t like regular potatoes, but sweet potatoes should be a part of everyone’s diet.
  8. You will see people at the gym with their hair down and have to wonder why they are even at the gym.
  9. Running is not only about speed. I used to think I had to sprint every run. Now I would rather just run longer and slower. Those kinds of runs benefit you too.
  10. There is never a convenient time to do laundry.  I often end up saving it until late on Thursday nights.
  11. Classes are hard, but worth it. My classes seem impossible to me, but the feeling of accomplishment is the best. I am actually learning something and challenging myself to be a better student.
  12. Everyone should have a gnome at their home, or apartment in my case.
  13. Seeing the sunrise makes waking up for early classes so much easier.
  14. I am never going to be a lawyer.
  15. Bananas taste way better frozen.  Regular bananas are only good when you are desperate for fruit.
  16. I still don’t like movies, but will continue to watch them anyways.
  17. You should never be afraid to compliment someone. They will be happy that you did.
  18. You can upload coupons to your Kroger card.
  19. How to do a RIGHT and LEFT function in Excel.  I should have known how to do that last year, but better late than never.
  20. Lady bugs aren’t as scary as I thought.  I find them all the time and no longer cry and scream when I do.

I can’t wait to see what else I can add to this list by the end of the year.

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